Spring cleaning

Ah, gosh darn it! I need a maid.. Preferably of the hot and/or French variety.. Any takers for the job? Yeah, I had a feeling there wouldn’t be.. Anyways, with Tina announcing yesterday that she’d like to drop by for dinner and some Wii-tarded fun, I suddenly realized that I’d once again managed to completely ignore thorough cleaning for an extended period of time which created a bit of zero hour emergency cleaning yesterday followed by a more thorough stab at it today what with the possibility of Zascha dropping by tomorrow in a much more announced fashion.

And can I just say that I’ll never be able to understand the fascination with cleaning. I mean, I’ve gotten old enough that I don’t want to live in a total pig sty.. But really, where’s the fun in spending several hours cleaning? *sigh* Why somebody would actually want to work within this field I’ll never understand.. So yea, that was my day basically, and I’m still nowhere near as done as I’d like to be, but eh there you go, at least my place is inhabitable now.. And for the record, draining pipes and water locks are icky! I’m so cutting my hair short again.. Well, one of these days..

What else has gone down today? Well, I’ve been to school for a few hours catching some of the last remaining classes of this semester. I’ve also been working on a synopsis of my exam project which is actually coming along pretty nicely since my tutor went from thinking my statement of problems stunk to it being worthy of a Master’s thesis.. Which is pretty awesome, although it kinda makes me feel like I’d gotten the idea a year from now.

Oh and I’ve grown super addicted to Super Paper Mario since I decided to just pick it up for a few after Tina left last night and ended playing it into the night rather than getting the sleep I’d bragged about going home and getting after I’d walked her home at 9:30 .. And no, there’s nothing wrong with being addicted to Mario at the ripe old age of 26 going on 27.. Unlike every other kid on the block, I didn’t have a Nintendo as a kid so it’s quite okay to be a bit behind.. No, really, it is.. Eh, screw it. We can’t all be all growed up!

Great day, eh? Naw, I didn’t think so either. But at least my days are becoming increasingly wound down and peaceful as opposed to the last couple of weeks. I enjoy that. Maybe I’ll even learn to relax one of these days.


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