An anemone? a sea anemone?

Did I ever mention I can get pretty spontaneous at times? Did I also mention, that Tina has a way of fueling this spontaneous spirit of mine? Right, yea. I though so. Anyways, today was to supposed to be pretty straight forward. I was to go have lunch with my mum, grandma and uncle. I was then to go hang out with Tina, have dinner, chill and maybe go out for a beer or two..

Well, here’s what actually happened: Right off the bat things actually did go according to plan. I stumbled out of bed after some five hours of sleep, got ready, jumped on ye old bike (or Eisenpferd as we affectionately labeled it yesterday after a few beers) and went to my mom’s for lunch. Had a good time with family, was well fed and shocked my family by refusing second servings of wine or drinks.. Hey, I told you I was cutting down! As always, my grandmother and uncle had to leave way too early in order to get back to the farm, so at around 3 PM, I was left on my own with my mom to fix her clock radio amongst other things before leaving.

As luck would have it, this was about the time that I got a call from Tina detailing her plans for the afternoon and evening. These plans seemed a hell of a lot more shocking to my mom than to me as she is probably still used to the rather quiet, not very spontaneous Johan, so she was a bit shocked to hear that Tina had decided that we were going to spend the first part of the evening driving up and visiting her parents who were camping out up north before returning home to watch a few movies with Jakob. She was obviously even more shocked to find out that, despite having only known the plans for about two minutes, I agreed to tag along without knowing a single things about the details of her plans.. But then, that’s just how I roll these days.

So, I quickly finished up, packed up and drove on home, parked my stuff and went down to Tina’s who was in return shocked to find out that there had been a time in my life where I’d been surprisingly hard to talk into such crazy adventures. Evidently, I really have changed over the last couple of years. Anyways, into the car we piled, all two of us, a mixed rock CD was popped into the CD player and off we sped in a northbound direction, talking our usual crazy talk, laughing at our usual crazy jokes and laying our usual crazy plans for things to come.. After about 30 minutes or such, we caught a motor way exit, turned onto a country road, found out things weren’t quite right, came around full circle at the next roundabout and got back on the freeway to go chase the right exit.. Apparently (quite like the kid in Burton’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), I really should stop mumbling so much as my “Exit 52” apparently sounded a lot like “Exit 56” to Tina and since I was too busy lollygagging around and acting like a total moron at the time we got off the freeway, nobody noticed the mistake before we came by a Burger King which wasn’t really supposed to be on our way.

Ahem, anyways, safely back on the motorway, we pressed on for a while, eventually found the right exit, got off, enjoyed the beautiful scenery for a while, all while relying on Tina’s memory to guide us in the right direction. Luckily, Tina isn’t all blonde all the time, and we actually managed to locate the camping site at which her parents were hiding. Here we made a quick stop at the general store to pick up some ketchup and mustard.. I’m guessing they were either all out of flowers, or we’d simply been asked to bring some stuff for dinner. We then entered the general reception/information area, announced our intentions to visit the fine people of slot 27 and were met with a ridiculous DKK 40 visitor’s fee for our two hour visit. The reasoning behind this apparently being that while staying at the site, we were free to take advantage of their offers such as the kid’s circus and the magic show.. Right.. Luckily, Tina created such a fuzz about the whole thing that the poor lady behind the counter did give us change for the DKK 50 bill we waved at her, but forgot to actually collect the bill, so essentially I guess we made DKK 10 on the visit and shouldn’t complain too much.

Having checked in, we went looking for Tina’s parents and quickly spotted them.. When Tina’s dad came yelling and charging after us as we managed to walk right by their caravan without noticing a damn thing. So we doubled back and ventured inside to say a quick hello before heading on in search of the rest rooms. Despite demands (and subsequent threats) from Tina’s mother to head back quickly and have a glass of wine with her, we opted to take the scenic route back which took us through the woods and a large patch of anemones ripe for the picking and presentation to Tina’s mother. Tina actually insisted that this was a shortcut back, though I fail to see how a girl in stilettos and her inherently clumsy friend wearing her dad’s wooden shoes semi-tumbling down a soft, grassy slope while trying to pick flowers could possibly be considered a shortcut.. The flowers were a hit, though, as was the wine we were presented with upon our return. A nice, Italian Ripasso.. Yum!

Have I ever mention that I really like Tina’s parents.. Yea, I think I did. Anyways, we sat round just talking for a while in a semi-serious manner, meaning that jokes were only flying at the rate of two to three a minute. Tina’s dad then went to play with fire.. Err, light up the barbecue, that is, while the girls and the long haired guy went and whipped up a salad and some pasta.. An event which somehow turned into a discussion of castration of pigs and the cruelty of it all. I was, of course, also treated to the extended tour of the caravan which included the living quarters, sleeping quarters, showering quarters, the sound system and other fancy stuff.. Man, these things have gotten pretty snazzy since I last went camping some 20 years ago.

After some playing around with fire, some cutting of vegetables, talks of castration, learning styles, didactics and Johan’s shady past as a college drop-out, an amazingly good dinner was served during which I of course had to have another glass of wine with Tina’s mom.. Y’know, just for the sake of figuring out whether the second bottle in the closet (aka wine cellar) was as good as the first one.. Which I deemed it, in its own special way. After being force fed sausage, baby back ribs and wine for a while and engaging in a somewhat more serious conversation, it was unanimously decided that we were in fact quite full, and so the table was cleared. At this point, both Tina’s dad and eventually Tina herself decided that now was a good time to head to the rest rooms and so I was left to do the dishes with Tina’s mom which I actually didn’t mind much as we seem to be getting along quite nicely. Others must’ve shared this view as I later found out that Tina and her dad had apparently teamed up and decided to go visit a family friend of theirs thinking that “hey, they’ll probably get along just nicely and blabber along endlessly together” which we kinda did, so I suppose it’s all good.

The two prodigal family members decided to return just as we were finishing the dishes and just as Tina and I had to start getting ready to pack up and leave. The last few minutes were spent exchanging some of the worst jokes ever as more nonsense was thrown out about castrated pigs and I furthermore proudly swore that next time we’d visit, we’d bring not simple anemones, no, we’d bring f’ing SEA anemones! I thought this pretty much the worst joke ever, but the Knudsen family was seemingly taken aback by the wits of the Johan.. Hey, I live to entertain! Anyways, we pretty quickly packed up and got on our way on the 1+ hour drive back to Kolding. Good people, good food, good wine and a great view. What more could you possibly ask for?

Well, I don’t know, maybe a coke and a couple of movies? Which is exactly what we went for when we got back to town. We’d asked Jakob to pick up a movie or two for us to watch but since he completely sucked at the task, we had to meet up with him at Blockbuster and help pick some. I ended up picking American Gangster right off the bat only to find out that it’s apparently not out on DVD yet.. So we settled for Beerfest and Blades of Glory. We then headed to my place to watch the movies by way of the simple reasoning that I had the largest couch, the largest TV and the largest sound system.. So there you go: Good times were had by all, and I really enjoyed rewatching Blades of Glory. Beerfest is admittedly a hell of a lot more fun when you’re actually drinking (or off your ass drunk), but it was still pretty enjoyable and will probably always be a cult classic for me.. And Tina really is the human equivalent of a cat, despite being the smallest critter in the mix, she managed to take up more space than any one of us boys.. Maybe even more space than Jakob and I took up together.. Very well done!

*yawn* that’s about it, really. Tina and Jakob just left not too long ago leaving me alone after one hell of a long day.. But a good day none the less. Tomorrow I start the exam craziness for good which should be.. Interesting if nothing else. I can’t say I’m really up for it, but what’s a boy to do. It’ll be nice to get it over with.


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