Yeah, so..

the observant reader will know at least one of the things that I did today.. That’s right, I purchased three tickets for the Rock Im Park festival in Nürnberg; one for me, one for Dunkel and one for Tina?! Yes, you heard me right, I’m  bringing my hundred-and-fifty-some centimeters tall, blonde, blue-eyed, cute and innocent friend to a hard rock/metal/punk festival.. And yes, I do feel like a corrupter of the young and innocent.. In a really good kinda way! 😀

Man, to think that when I first started really befriending her a year ago, she used to ask for some happier music whenever a track such as Alice Cooper’s “Poison” came on.. Then bands such as Rammstein started making their way into her little life.. And now she’s tagging along with the boys to Europe’s largest rock festival.. What.. The.. Fudge? That’s not to say I’m not stoked, though.. I mean, are you kidding me? The line-up is awesome, the surroundings seem perfect and I get to share it with good friends including one I never thought I’d be able to talk into something this far out.. Word! No wonders I’ve been running around in small circles all day while listening to The Offspring and Rage Against The Machine.. Incidentally two must-sees in the line-up.. It’s a good thing that I have two exam projects to finish before heading off because right now time’s really just moving too slow and I can’t wait!

Other than that, there’s really not too much to relate about today. I nearly finished up my first exam project which means I’ll probably head into the whole layout, figures, illustrations and fancyfication process tomorrow.. Oh, I was also at work which was a drag, but in a way it was kinda nice to get out of the house and talk to other human beings.. Oh and the money are nice, too. I suppose I’ll try and go to bed and get some sleep now. Got another day of exam projects and work tomorrow.


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