I was kidnapped!

Funny how my days hardly ever turn out as planned these days. I mean, okay, in my defense, I actually did work on my assignment for most of the day. I even decided against going to the KFC home game. Despite both Storm, Kristian, Jakob and others egging me on. In the end, though, Tina played one of her girly tricks and exploited her ability to completely twist me around her little finger (a task you’d think impossible if you knew the size of her hands!) and made me agree to at least show up at the stadium and watch the game with her and the guys, she even promised we’d head straight home to her place afterwards and get some work done and then have dinner and a movie that evening.. Or more work if needed be.

So yea, long story short, after about ten seconds of getting dressed and a hazardous bike trip through downtown Kolding, I attended my first sober soccer game ever.. Which is not to say I acted normal by any stretch of the word. Apparently I don’t need alcohol to perform fucked up stunts and I’m sure my body and voice will suffer tomorrow. I emerged around two hours later, beaten and sweaty – summer time really isn’t metal head friendly what with the heat and the sun and the black band shirts, the blue jeans and the long hair – and two hours of jumping up and down screaming and yelling didn’t help either. Another thing I emerged with was a goddamn warning for inappropriate behavior. Apparently only handicapped people are allowed on the track field during the game and apparently Kristian’s and my wild ride on the toy horsies around staduim was only funny the first time around.. So after much applause, shit and giggles, we were grabbed by the security personnel and issued a warning.. For shame! It came served with a smile, though.

The game in itself wasn’t much to write home about. We lost 2 – 0 and spent the most of the game heavily flanked by security who for much of the time didn’t even themselves seem to know why they were keeping such a close watch on us. Apparently those were their orders, though, and when things got a little rowdy near the end and one of the stands actually collapsed, I’m pretty sure they were happy to be around.. Ahem!

Anyways, after the game, I shed a single tear about not being able to head down to Domhuset with the boys for a pint or two, but on the other hand was actually pretty happy to head home with Tina and get some work done. It’s really been ages since we’ve had time to just sit down together for a day, get a shitload of work done and then hang out and goof about in the evening.. And work we did. I compiled a biography for my assignment, took care of some layout, code tidying, trimming and error checking done all while fighting a losing Scrabble battle against Tina.. No, we’re not addicted! I even managed to do some cooking which apparently turned out pretty good considering I was cooking up a dish I’d never attempted before, hadn’t eaten for 10 odd years and basically had no idea how to prepare.. Apparently a little guessing, substitution, pondering and tinkering goes a long way and Tina did seem ever so slightly upset when I wrote the entire thing off to beginners luck after she inquired what the hell I’d done to make my version more tasty than her’s.. She wasn’t so pissed, though, that she didn’t eat up like a good, little girl 😉

During and after dinner we watched “The Man” with Samuel L Jackson and whassamacallhim from American Pie, an action comedy thing that I still hold pretty highly owing mostly to Mr Jackson’s bad-assedness and his ability to be f’ing funny while playing a ticked off disillusioned character.

Following the movie we just sorta chilled for a while before I had to give in to sleepiness and Tina wanted to go down to Jakob’s to sleep over, so we ended up walking together through town then parting ways midways as I dropped her off at Jakob’s.. So, so much for staying in today, but at least I’m happy about the amount of work I did get done. I’m reasonably sure I can be done with the entire thing tomorrow which leaves me Tuesday to print everything before handing in on Wednesday.. Woop!


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