One down, three to go..

Ahem.. So, I was told my last post may have been a bit on the angry and negative side.. Err.. Well, shit happens, and like I said, I don’t usually get this way, nor do I stay so for long.. So as expected, today looked quite a bit brighter.

Still not much to say, though.. Aside from some frantic running around in a bit of last minute panic and some struggling with making printers work at uni coupled with some forgetfulness on my own part and a couple of human errors, it’s been a pretty quiet day. I managed to get my report all printed, my code all tidied and uploaded, I even managed to add page numbers to my report in hand after I discovered I’d forgotten to do it on the computer.. Of course I managed to print three copies of all 23 pages before noticing, and the only reason I really noticed was because the printer puked and stalled 15 pages into the last copy and as I was flipping through the pages, I noticed I had a hard time figuring out how many extra pages I needed to print because there were no damn page numbers on my hard copies.. So well, there you go.. Something good actually came out of an error for a change, and I managed to get some writing done in hand for the first time in like.. years, probably. No wonder my hand writing is deteriorating.

But out of that, nothing special happened other than I got to spend a hell of a lot more time than expected at uni printing, punching holes, sorting and correcting mistakes. I then went down to Dunkel who offered up lasagna for dinner as he’d apparently only been able to find economy packages of minced meat.. But who was I to complain? We hung out, chilled, watched a show on Animal Planet about pet hippopotamuses (I want one!) and watched Scorched which wasn’t too awesome, but not too bad either.. Anyone else notice that Rachaeil Leigh Cook is kinda cute? Err.. Anyways, yea.. Good times. Ken dropped by for a while as well and we all watched some Simpsons and goofed off. Ken seems to think that Dunkel and I are kinda weird and have a messed up sense of humor.. To that I say: “Bah humbug!” – ask anyone I know, I’m by no means a strange, little man! And my humor makes perfect sense.. Right? Okay, maybe I’m just a little weird.

Gah, it seems even WordPress is against me today. If you only got to see half of this post, I apologize. I was writing along happily and the editor thing just crapped out on me. I guess I’ll better stop now while I’m ahead of my game. I’m sorry if my posts are becoming a little dull, it’s really tough to find something fun and interesting to write about on working days. I suspect the weekend will bring good fun, though.


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