Who’s a big boy/girl?

Answer: Christian and Tina! Both reached the ripe ol’ age of 25 this weekend. Christian at the stroke of midnight on Friday night, and Tina on Saturday.. That is to say that their birthdays were on Saturday and Sunday respectively and gave us a pretty good excuse to rock out and get hammered on Friday. Once all of us got out of bed anyways.. Having been out partying the night before, I was a bit of a slow riser and once I did rise, I spent the first few hours of the day apparently not making much sense but rather taking to just doing insanely weird acts such as stumbling around downtown, running into goats, several piggy kittens (as I decided to call them for lack of a better word) and various other animals. An experience which I didn’t really understand (apparently there was a petting zoo thing in town?), but nonetheless decided to share with my friends through a series of rambling chain SMS messages which went blatantly ignored by most everybody except Kristian who called me up and demanded more info which in turn led to a long discussion about the proper term for baby pigs, a discussion which was eventually resolved as I polled the queue at the supermarket I was stuck in. Apparently both baby pigs and piglets are acceptable.

Anyways, having stumbled around dazed and confused for a while and having had a total of three trips to the store (me? forgetful? Never!), I went home and got started on the final stages of dinner for the night. I was pretty quickly joined by Tine and Zascha who came by for a beer, a talk and to prepare a surprise layered cake for Tina (and Christian, but he seemed to already be in on the secret). As always, it was a thrill to see Zascha again, and Tine and the beers were a pretty welcome addition as well. We hung out for a while and chatted and I made my fourth trip to the store, this time owing to Zascha’s forgetfulness, not mine. As I returned, Tine was getting ready to leave, so I made it home just in time for a see-you-later hug. As Tine left, Zascha and I continued the preparations and the alcohol consumption which resulted in splatters of cream all over my kitchen and one hell of a pretty cake. We then sat down and chilled for a while before Christian and Emelie arrived to have a beer with us as well.

At around 5 PM poor, hard working Tina arrived looking to pick up Zascha and I, and rightfully seemed rather confused to find not only Zascha and I plus the food, but all four of us and one hell of a cake to boot. I felt a little sorry as I fear she might have thought she’d been left out, but in reality the whole congregation just sorta happened out of the blue and I didn’t wanna spoil the surprise, so I hope she’ll forgive me once she reads this 😉 Anyways, yeah, Tina arrived and we drove on down to her place where I mixed up some Mojitos for the gang while the food gently reheated itself. Gifts hit the table and were well received. Christian received some sort of fancy wine toy and a good bottle of wine while Tina received an oven proof (lasagna) dish and a bottle of wine as well. I was really happy with the the last present especially seeing as I’d left Zascha and Emelie in charge of presents but suggested we get Tina some sort of oven proof dish – and not only did they listen, they actually also went out and got the exact same dish that Tina and I had fallen in love with months earlier when we were out browsing around town together – and they’d done so without me actually mentioning this little fact. Awesome.

At 7 the rest of the guests (in the shape of Jakob and Jesper) arrived and we sat down to eat, drink and be merry, plowing through enough food, wine and beers to keep a small village fed and happy-faced. We were also eventually joined by our new buddy Martin, a budding journalist, who we felt needed to be introduced to the Uboat, so we called him on over and showed him Tina’s place and the gang before we eventually at around 11 PM stumbled down to the Uboat, singing, ranting and arguing about constellations as we went. As it turns out I know absolutely nothing about stars whereas Tina who, ironically, is afraid of the dark really kicked my ass in pointing out my blatant mistakes.. For shame!

At the Uboat we discovered that we were certainly not the only ones looking to get drunk that evening. In fact, they day’s special offer of a liter of draft beer for DKK 25 seemed to have taken its toll on the general population and people were happy as ever when we arrived and it really did not take us too long to catch up, and singing happy birthday to you to Christian at the stroke of midnight seemed to mark the beginning of one hell of a night of stumbling around more or less fully clothed, singing, screaming, jumping, cheering and evidently even confessing my love for Liverpool by breaking out into “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with Kristian, Tue, Jens and others.. At least they’re claiming that happened, I’m not too sure myself. I’m pretty sure I was busy downing liter beers at the time.. I guess my old promise to myself of never EVER doing that again lasted only a year and a half.. But when Dunkel walks up and offers a mug, then what’s a boy to do? And when Kristian offers free refills, then what’s a boy to do?

For some reason, time flies when you’re having fun and all of a sudden it’s 5 AM and Zascha is tugging on your sleeve, telling you it’s time to go home.. Well, for obvious reasons, I completely agreed and off we staggered, ranting and complaining as we walked, taking most of a half hour to get home as our path seemed somewhat weary after a seemingly endless onslaught of beers and alco pops. We did eventually make it home, though, and I even managed to make a bed for Zascha on the couch before collapsing myself.. Ungh.


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