I’m complicated

Well, THAT was fun! Today just really hasn’t been my day.. From not sleeping properly to getting up at 8 AM to get ready for a working day followed by some lounging about with Tina, only to discover that on a week where I’m wasn’t expect to be working much, I’m actually working Monday, Tuesday and Friday.. “Ah, damn!” I though, wrote an apologetic message to Tina and set off to at least spent the first part of the day there as promised. Not that I really had to worry too much about the whole going to work thing, it’d soon turn out.

As I headed down to a specialty coffee shop to pick up some coffee for Tina on the way, I soon started feeling dizzy and woozy and had to dismount my bike and take to just walking through the streets instead, after getting the coffee, getting a whiff of the pungent (and usually much appreciated) smell of freshly ground coffee and walking the rest of the way, I was pretty quickly whimpering and moaning in that particular way that can only be achieved by a sick male. Of course, not knowing what was going on and struggling to even hold on to my breakfast, I thought that I was more than entitled to a bit of groaning. Tina and Louise were probably less than impressed.

Of course, I can’t really say that I blame them. I’m a pretty complicated kid to begin with but once sick, I reach a total new level of complication. First off, I’ll be the first to admit that sick guys are in fact pathetic, and I’m by no means different.. Only, there’s this whole other dimension on top which revolves around me being so damn stubborn and bad at accepting those helping hands which are so often extended to me.. So yea, you can probably pretty much the rather weird Johanesque paradox of me bitching and moaning while pretty much rejecting any offers of comfort and help.. Add to that Tina’s loving mother hen instinct and her honest wish to help those she cares about in need, and you can probably start to see what kind of a morning we had. Long story short there were a lot of pleas for me to eat something or at least drink something, countless offers to make this or that concoction for me that was sure to help and a lot of whimpering on my behalf about not being hungry nor able to hold things down for that matter.. I loves her for trying, though, and for telling me off till she eventually gets her will.

Surprisingly, though, between all the griping, threats and well-meant efforts, I actually managed to get a lot of work done. Six hours of it none the less. Which amounted to a lot of coding and cleaning up code, a lot of frustration from seemingly unprovoked errors and a lot of loud sighing and shoulder cracking. After seven odd hours or so, I dared to venture outside with Tina for a few minutes to catch some fresh air and tell her that despite my borderline idiotic behavior, I really do appreciate her efforts. Fresh air actually seemed to do some good and I actually managed to not only carry on a somewhat coherent conversation (despite my mumbling even more than usual) but also laugh and kid around a little which I took to believe I was actually starting to feel better.

After some much deserved fresh air and the odd sight of Johan for once being the most covered up person in the crowd (jacket and all in bright sunshine), we went back in and consumed some yummy left-over Vichyssosie-like soup (yea, Zascha’s probably gonna kill me for either my spelling or pronunciation of this French classic)  that Tina suggested would probably do me good.. And right she was. So that made for her second best achievement that day, the biggest being to convince me to actually take the night off from work and let her drive me home to get some rest on the couch.. Or well, maybe her biggest achievement was to get a hell of a lot of reading done for her exams, I don’t know, but I know what ranked highest in my book 😉

So yea, work didn’t quite happen, sleep did.. Which is good. Got another long day ahead of me tomorrow which will hopefully see me both working on my assignment and heading off to work in the evening. We’ll see. Assignment is definitely a must.


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