All work and no play.. Just doesn’t cut it!

So, you might have noticed a bit of mid-week absence on my behalf. I’ll try to make up for it by posting on a weekend for a  change. The reason for my absence? Well, as you might’ve guessed, I’ve been keeping busy, making head way on my new project while preparing for the oral defense of last week’s project.. Which is to take place on next Friday, the 16th, aka the day that I was supposed to have visited Zascha in Brussels. Eh, but I’ve whined about that predicament already, so I’ll spare you the details.

Anyways, project time.. Yes! I’m actually quite proud of myself for a change in that I’ve managed to put at least five hours a day into this project for the entire week which is probably more than I’ve been able to do on any project for, well, years.. literally! And what’s even weirder is that despite all this work going into it, I’m actually still pretty motivated to fight on and make even more progress which is, believe you me, very rare for someone like me.. I don’t think I’ve managed to gather up this much motivation since working on my Bachelor’s thesis with Zascha. And who are we kidding? She probably deserves most of the credit for keeping me motivated and busy.. So in short, I’m reasonably proud of myself!

Of course, it hasn’t been all exams all the time. There’s been some fun and games as well as I do subscribe to that whole work hard play hard school of thought. So, after working six hours on my project Wednesdays, I allowed myself to go have a beer (yes, one beer! Well, okay, two..) with the boys at Domhuset and then proceeded to a weeknight KFC home game against local rivals, Haderslev, or “Ze Germans” as we (not) so affectionately nicknamed them. Strangely enough, this marked the second sober soccer match I’ve watched in a row and frankly it’s starting to scare not only me but also the people around me.. It was good times, though, with the game ending in a 2 -2 draw after ninety-some minutes and our entire fan section ending up a beaten, sweaty pulp after an hour and a half of giving everything we had in support of our boys. Adrenaline is such a funny thing, by the end of the game, I was actually jumping up and down on one leg, being supported by Martin and Jimmi, after I’d manage to not only twist my right ankle twice, but also pull a muscle in my right thigh – it’s official mosh pits and line jumping just aren’t very good ideas on old, rickety wooden benches. Jumping up and down frantically while hurting like fuck all probably wasn’t either, but apparently overpowering the away team fans meant more than personal well-being. Go figure! It was good times, though, and we were apparently heard near and far, so I’m kinda glad Rikke wasn’t home or we might’ve gotten more noise complaints.

Having survived my twice twisted ankle, thigh injury, a post game confrontation with Haderslev fans looking for trouble and a goodnight beer at Domhuset, I went home for some much needed rest and a pretty uneventful night’s sleep which only really got interesting after I woke sometime in the wee hours only to promptly fall asleep again and sink into a vivid dream involving me losing my laptop with the only known copy of my exam project – great, apparently now I can’t even sleep either without thinking of the damn project.

Happy to find out it was all just a dream, I got up at around 9 AM Thursday and set out to work on my project only to discover that I remembered pretty much nothing about CSS which, admittedly, made the task of producing a layout for my web application ever so slightly more frustrating, but after about five hours of tinkering and cursing, I came up with something I was reasonably happy with and celebrated with dinner before heading down to the Student House to get things ready for our weekly bar night. Here I was joined by Jesper, Einar and Michael who were all (except Jesper) up for having a few beers and a talk which was good because for the first hour or so, business was slow. Well, Rikke and Martin showed up, as did Anne and Pauline, a couple of Belgian friends, along with their entourage which funnily enough also included Sunita, another old friend I hadn’t seen in ages.. So, somehow within the next five minutes, I somehow developed the reputation as the guy who was hugging every girl who walked in the door.. What was I to say except “I love my job?”

Over time, business picked up quite a bit. More people arrived, I cashed in on more hugs, a lot of university people suddenly started popping in as well including two people who were both celebrating their birthdays that night, so it was a pretty happening crowd. I ended up spending a good deal of time talking to some British girl and a couple of Belgian girls as well which was good fun as it not only helped me brush up on my English but also because the Brit loved Eddie Izzard and Tenacious D about as much as I did and they all seemed to think that I was hilarious and not just weird – which is always a plus.

At shortly after midnight, the girls staggered home and the rest of us, after downing our drinks headed down to Pitstop to check out what was going on down there. Apparently they were throwing some sorta live set with three (apparently well-known) DJ’s spinning records on six turntables which is not something I’d normally be very interested in. But hey, I somehow got in for free and got a free beer as well and well, the DJ’s were actually pretty cool, so rock on! Another plus is that since we were partying with the birthday boys, we had free “champagne” a plenty – actually  more than any of us could drink. Which is probably why I left the place not too long after arriving, having spent a total of DKK 20 that night but still worked up a considerable buzz.. And, as it turned out when I woke this morning, one hell of a hangover.. I’m so never drinking cheap sugar laced sparkling wine again.. Ever!


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