The (mis)communication society

Oh man, I hate electronics.. Okay, that’s a strong statement.. I have a strong dislike for electronics.. No, wait.. I love electronics.. Aah! Oh, I know, I hate electronics that die on you.. Especially the ones who chose to do so right after the warranty expires! Why am I ranting? Well, I was at Dunkel’s last night, playing some Wii, watching a movie and having some beers, I’m SMS’ing back and forth with a few friends and suddenly my phone just dies.. Like, goes all black, turns off, won’t turn back on, just basically turns into a lifeless piece of plastic.. And so, what’s a boy to do? Well, if a boy is anything like me, he panics.. All involuntarily-like!

I know, I know, it’s sad that we Danes (and by Danes I mean me and my peers) have reached a point where we panic if we find ourselves without a working phone at 1:30 AM on a Sunday night.. Actually, scratch that, it’s borderline ridiculous, but let’s leave it at that. I certainly wasn’t happy. Aaanyways, I eventually head home at around 3:30 AM and run right into a problem which certainly didn’t exist in the days before cell phone addictions: I need to tell Tina that I will not be coming over for work day in the morning and I need to do it in a way so I’m sure she’ll know pretty much as soon as she wakes up.. What to do? The beers certainly weren’t helping me work out a plan, but after an embarrassingly long pause, I come up with the perfect solution: E-mail! Oh man, so old-school! So, that’s why at 4-something AM this morning I was up e-mailing Tina and letting her know the bad news, I then set a status message on Facebook, telling the world what is up and how to get a hold of me. I then go to bed reasonably sure that things are okay and that I’ll be able to survive a few days without a phone.

I wake up sorta late (yea, drinking til 4 AM on a Sunday will do that to you), stagger around for a while, go out, get some grocery shopping done, get some sun and fresh air, then set down to get some work done on my project.. And that’s about when I realize just how difficult this whole communication thing can be. After a short while I get a message from Tina on MSN asking what the hell happened to my phone and why on earth, if I put my email contact on Facebook, do I not check it? With an air of confusion developing around me, I tell her that I most certainly do check my email and I then manually search for new messages – nothing.

By now I’m starting to think that something is not quite right so I go through my junk folder which, by the way, holds the 19,000+ spam emails I’ve received in the last 14 days and actually find an email from Tina which somehow must’ve gotten caught by my spam filter.. Ah, the plot thickens! I tell her about the misunderstanding and we have a bit of a laugh until she turns serious again and starts pressing me to tell whether I’ll be over later and if she has to get food out of the freezer for me as well. Kinda confuddled I venture that I sent he an email way early in the morning telling her that I sadly would not be over. She pauses in her usual “this guy is doing the crazy talk again” way, and I ask her something along the lines of “You did get my e-mail, right?” .. Ah, once again the plot thickens as she said that she certainly did not receive an e-mail for me.. After much added confusion it turns out that I’m no better than Tina and that her spam filter apparently thought me a Viagra vendor or something.. And so in this way, Tina – only about 12 hours after I sent the initial message – finds out that I will not be coming over tonight.. Jebus!

And they call his the communication society? Someone somewhere must’ve misunderstood something along the way because this certainly isn’t my idea of good communication.. And I want a working phone back, damnit! Oh well, at least I managed to find a somewhat working model from the days of yore when I first started this blog. It seems to be working somewhat but from what I remember, it has a tendency to turn on and off on it’s own account and I would like something a little more reliable, thank you very much. Looks like I’ll be forking out some cash tomorrow.. Damnit!

All the bitching aside, it hasn’t been too bad of a weekend. I worked through most of Saturday on my project then went for a nice long walk before heading down to Tina’s who I dragged along for a nice, little walk in the sun before we cooked up dinner, shared a few glasses of wonderful red wine before curling up on the couch and watching a chick flick (Titanic if you must know).. Yea, I wonder why every now and then some people seem to think that we’re dating. I wouldn’t know where they got the idea.. Sunday was spent doing more coding and work before heading off to Dunkel for the above mentioned beers and fun.. Good times..

And yes, I did get some work done today.. The emphasis here is on the work SOME! But I’m pretty much on schedule, though, I think. Woo!


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