Metallica Mania!

Okay, so yea.. It just occurred to me that I’m seeing Metallica live.. again.. in less than a month. It probably had to do with me ordering the train tickets today.. Anyways, I wanna be all like “yea, okay, so.. it’s your third damn time, settle down.. They’ve gotten older.. You know what to expect.. Bleh blah..” and yet the fan boy in me is like “Metallica? METALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!111ONEONE!!!111#!”€%” and starts chasing around the house in small circles.. Yeah, in case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m stoked.. So, here’s a few videos of what to expect.

Mmm.. Fire.. And big ba-da-boom!

Metallica – One, Live at Rock Am Ring

Tina’s probably psyched about this one, so I prolly should post it as well:

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters, Live at Rock Am Ring

Are those.. Road flares? That’s epic! 😉


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