Exams ahoy!

First off, happy birthday, Zascha. Hope it was a good one! I owe you a birthday dinner! 🙂 23 is it? I feel so old now..

Secondly, I’m glad someone (hopefully) had fun today. Me, I’ve been stuck inside preparing for an exam tomorrow which is teh suck in the aspect that I’m getting pretty damn sick of sitting inside working on beautiful sunny days.. Yet it’s also teh win in the aspect that come tomorrow I’ll have only one exam to worry about.. And only three weeks during which to worry about it.. And then it’s off to Nürnberg and Rock Im Park! .. And yes, I’m still psyched.. And no, I probably won’t stop ranting about it any time soon.

So, on that note: Another awesome aspect I discovered about Rock Im Park is that apparently Germany is playing a Euro.. Or is it World Championship qualifying match.. Well, one of those.. In Nürnberg.. On June 7th.. At the EasyCredit stadium located right beside Centerstage at Rock Im Park.. Aaaand.. they’re playing gainst.. Uhh.. Well, San Marino, I guess, which is a country I only just discovered the existence of yesterday.. After falsely referring to it as Saint Mario, much to the amusement of Tina and everybody at the office at work. Apparently I’ve been playing too much Wii lately. Anyways apparently this Saint Mario San Marion country isn’t the biggest of nations so it’s a pretty sure win for the Germans.. Which is to say 75.000 drunken concert goers plust 50.000 drunken German football fans stuck in a park together with Rage Against The Machine topping everything off. I predict pure mayhem in all its lovely glory!

Alas, I can’t get too excited, there’s still the little matter of the exam tomorrow which I don’t really know what to expect from other than I hope I’ll do better than last time around but fear the worst since my mind wasn’t really into this whole project what with having the other project and assignment to worry about on top and feeling utterly uninspired and unchallenged by the former while getting caught up in thinking about and fiddling with the latter. I’ll pass, I’m sure, but by how much, I wonder.. Actually, I wonder if I even have to worry about anything at all. Fun thing about doing your Master’s is that you’ve really no idea about what to expect nor what is to be expected by you. As Christian put it the other day: “I wouldn’t know what to expect, for a change they didn’t give us any info about anything” [note to foreigners: Insert usual dripping Danish sarcasm here]

Anyways, I’ll know more tomorrow at 2 PM at which time I’ll more than likely also give myself the day off as well as Saturday in order to enjoy a few cold beers with the boys and the gals.. A move which is already now giving me a bad conscience as that means a total of three days not focusing on my project at hand.. Sheesh, what the hell happened to me? Did I really develop a bad conscience from all the years spent not paying too much attention to school stuff? I don’t know.. And if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off to go listen to Iron Maiden! It’s tradition, you see.. Always listen to “Hallowed Be Thy Name” before exams.. And dentist appointments.. Huh? Oh, I won’t bother explaining, you probably wouldn’t get it anyways.


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