56 bales of hay on the truck

Ever notice how sometimes, in retrospect, things don’t seem nearly as great as they did at the time of the crime? Like yesterday nothing seemed more reasonable than to stay up till 3:30 AM streaming the performances of Scars on Broadway, Pennywise and Bad Religion from KROQ’s Weenie Roast festival deal in Irvine, CA.

When getting up at 8:15 AM this morning, however, things were looking a little different and I was once again cursing my profound ability to forfeit sleep in favor of other, seemingly idiotic ventures.. But that’s just how I roll and it’s hardly the first time I’ve done something like this. Luckily, unlike last time I was to visit my Gran and uncle, I did not go out drinking till 3:30 AM and this time around just settled for chilling quietly at home in preparations for the next onslaught of exams.. So at least this time around I wasn’t hung over and/or dying by the time I woke up from four hours of sleep to go visit family members. That’s not to say the hour and a half drive in the car with my mom was very enjoyable, but at least this time I wasn’t struggling to hold on to my stomach contents while receiving the evil eye.

Anyways, yes, Gran’s birthday.. After our usual 90 minute trip followed by our Tour de Cemetery (visiting my late great grandmother and grandpa), we arrived at ye olde family farm at around 11 and set out to have dinner with the family which -as could probably be expected – turned out to be a bit of a circus. My uncle was busy pressing, tying up and transporting fuck off large bales of hay so he was pretty much unable to join us for dinner which caused a slight case of panic in my Gran followed by a round of bitching by my mother. Add to this my cousin Eva’s two children throwing their adorable little tantrums (ahem!) about which foods to eat and which not to eat, where to sit and where not to sit and last but certainly not least whether or not daddy was as capable as mommy in the field of cutting their food into bite-size chunks.. Or, actually, whether or not he was allowed to touch their food at all.. You know, the standard family dinner of bitching, groaning, high pitched yelling and squealing.. Good times!

Needless to say, I was pretty happy to escape the dinner table and once I got outside and escaped the noise and tension, it wasn’t long before I was snoozing happily in a garden chair.. A blissful experience which was pretty quickly interrupted by a playful doggy, an inquisitive smaller cousin and the sound of my uncle Jacob, a close family friend and an army of rental tractors, machines and workers going to town on  the task of transforming several nearby fields into neatly pressed bales of hay. I’m telling you, trying to catch a nap with a playful pup tugging on your sleeve, a six-year old asking questions about the differences between cats and hamsters (of all the things in the world) and your uncle hauling load upon overloaded load of hay
down the street, eventually breaking one of the wagons in the process.. Well, it’s just not the easiest task in the world.

Which is why I soon gave up on the venture and settled for battling my sleep deprivation with coffee rather than sleep. A surprisingly successful plan which actually managed to keep me going until 5 PM when we headed home. I wrongfully thought I’d be able to get some sleep on the way home and then do some work once I got home, but since my mom was in a chatting mood, I pretty much had to abandon that plan as well, which is why I’m now pretty much not getting anything done despite having been home for at least a couple of hours.. So, my plan kinda failed miserably and I’ve only myself, my mom, a dog, my cousin, my uncle and various pieces of large machinery to blame.. Sigh.. Food was good, though! 😉


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