Hey ho! Let’s go!

Things sure are picking up ’round here. And I’m not just talking about this blog, in my life as well.. Been a pretty busy day: After some blessed sleep, I tore right into my exam project and got a few pages down before deciding to head on down to Tina’s for what was supposed to be a working day.. But, alas poor Yorrick, things don’t always go as planned.

I first got detained on my way out the door as I just had to get one last paragraph down before leaving. When I finally did get out the door, I didn’t do much better in the field of not getting detained. First by a couple of luck seeking collectors for various charities (fuckers need to fuck off and die!), then at a record store where I’d slipped in to pick up a copy of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost Of Tom Joad” and ended up also picking up “Walk The Line” and a number of other albums most of which I promptly put down again. When I’d finally made my purchases (and chuckled at the experience of buying a Johnny Cash biography from a guy wearing a CASH t-shirt), I headed out the door only to run into a loud, frenzied picketing line of PO’d social workers – the likes of which had not been seen since my days in Riverside, CA.. Oh the memories.. Hordes of stupid ass wrongfully upset workers singing unchoreographed protest songs, ugly matching t-shirts (pink this time around) and a lot of incoherent yelling.. Fuckers need to shut up and go do their jobs.

Ahem, anyways, sidetracking here.. So, I got down to Tina, plugged in my laptop, was scolded for plugging into the coffee maker’s outlet, unplugged, grabbed another outlet, had coffee with Tina and then set down to work.. Which went well for an hour or two.. Well, well in the sense that I got a hell of a lot more down on paper than what my 24 pages frame allowed for, meaning that I spent most of the time cutting, cleaning, shortening things up. After a while, I just grew tired of it all, stalling at around 16 pages total and starting to see the reason in Tina’s suggestions to go do something else than a stupid assignment. After another half hour or so of trying to get things tidied up, I gave up and we set out to make a battle plan:

Step 1 – Get a tent for Rock Im Park

Step 2 – Get pretty shoes for a pretty Tina

and Step 3 – Come Whatever May

Step 1 actually went pretty easy as we had a lead to go by. For once I’d actually had a look of some of the weird advertisements that end up in our mailbox and I’d picked up a decent offer for a nice single use festival tent at a local megastore. So we got in the car, drove on down, took about one minute to locate the camping isle and another 20 odd minutes locating the right tent.. Damn dodgy special offers always hiding in the back behind the expensive merchandise! But at DKK 495 for a four person, two sleeping compartments tent weighing in at much below the norm, it was worth looking for.

Step 2 was a bit more complicated.. See, no matter how often I make note of it, I’m always perplexed at the size of Tina’s feet. I mean.. Really.. They’re tiny.. And while I do find them cute, I’m not sure that really helps much as she’s rightfully upset at their size making it nearly impossible for her to get shoes.. So yea, I was counting on about an hour or more to find shoes which I’m sure was not very far off as she has that whole feminine thing going for her so that getting shoes means no only going to the shoe store and picking up shoes, it also means browsing through every clothing store on the way looking for cute outfits that I then have to tell her she can’t get as she has no money with which to pay for them. So yea, two shoe stores and four clothing stores, an art store and a Body Shop later, we ended up with two pretty pairs of shoes and a pair of sandals for Tina.. And a wkae of about 20 confused store clerks in our wake.. Apparently our ping-pong game of “Ooooh.. Can I have this?” / “NO!” is getting a little too rehearsed.. And apparently people get a little confused when I’m the one being dragged around and helping to make decisions and Tina then starts talking about her boyfriend.

Anyways, after much browsing, too much money spent and too many threats of me forcefully carrying Tina out of various stores (I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!), we went our separate ways. Tina went to go watch some movie about Roskilde Festival with Jakob and I went home to get some much deserved dinner (I’d barely eaten all day save some white bread and an apple). I then sat down to listen to my newly purchased album, get some work done on my project and watch “Walk The Line”, no not all at once, damnit, I’m not that great of a multi-tasker.. Sadly!

Well, that’s it, I guess.. Gonna go relax some now. I’ve got a long day of writing (and work) tomorrow. Especially now that I decided to go have fun with Tina rather than writing all day today.


3 responses to “Hey ho! Let’s go!

  1. Jeg tror the late great Johnny Ramone ville være uenig i den udtalelse 😉

  2. aah…hahah! så er det DER jeg havde snappet den fra…tænkte nok. Men som moverskrift på en entry på en blog/journal/diary, var jeg altså den første 😛 – af os to

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