Oh, so THAT’s what’s smoking!

Only in my life does something like this happen.. Y’know, just 40 minutes ago I was on my way out the door at work thinking I’d go home, fry up some chicken and sit back and write a short blog post about how nothing out of the ordinary happened today.. I was going to moan and bitch about having spent all day on my project only to go to work for a bit of variation, then probably end on the usual “Oh well, things could be worse” kinda note.

Well, I get on my bike, turn “Die Toten Hosen” way up on my iPod and set off.. And that’s about the end of the nothing out of the ordinary happening part of the story..

Had I not been trapped inside a noisy terminal at work, I probably would have heard the sirens going off to warn people that things weren’t quite as they were supposed to be.. But alas I missed that whole part and blissfully ventured outside only to be greeted by a fuck off large cloud of smoke in the air and a strange orange glow in the horizon. Now here is why I might be a little too used to weird things happening in my life because I don’t really think anything of the whole ordeal and just press on only starting to wonder a little as I have to break for an (albeit small) horde of emergency vehicles turning towards the smoke which, as I ride through it proves to actually be rather foul tasting.

Anyways, I bike on in my usual “listening to German punk rock” kinda pace and start to think that maybe I’d better hit the news sites on my way home to check just what the hell is going on. And that’s what I do once I get in the door, fire up a pan, get some chicken and taters going (I’ve weird eating habits, no need to tell me!), open up the laptop and surf onto one of the local news sites where I’m greeted with the following headline. “Siren warning: Residents urged to stay inside. Waste depot on fire” .. Ah lovely!

And incidentally this is where things take yet another turn for the stranger. Had I been any other person in the world, I’d have probably taken to worrying about what I’d just inhaled. Me, I go, “Oh bother, not again!” – See, I wish I could tell you this was my first time accidentally breathing potentially dangerous fumes. I wish I could at least tell you that this was at least my first time at being blatantly unaware of a police warning to stay the fuck inside.. But no, this is actually the second time in a couple of years that I suddenly find myself in the midst of a large scale waste depot fire and evidently also the second time that I accidentally ignore a siren warning to stay inside.. Which, I guess, means that I’m one out of four when it comes to not risking my life and/or general health in fire related incidents.

Yea, not too good of a statistic, I know.. But what doesn’t kill you, right? 😉 Oh, and before anybody starts worrying, I’d like to stress the fact that the fumes have not been proven harmful yet! 😛


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