I’m in love!

With a lucky girl by the name of Bluray! Honestly, can you believe that I’ve never until now actually watched any kind of HD content? Me being a tech geek and all! But apparently that’s how it is. I actually found the whole next gen war between HD DVD and Bluray kinda stupid and since I don’t really have the money to fork out for a new snazzy TV anyways, I figured I’d just wait and see what happened.

Well, apparently not too long ago the war was won by Bluray, but since the only readily available Bluray player in Denmark is the PS3, I wasn’t really buying into it.. Well, I didn’t really get into the whole thing either – because, really, with the PS3 price tag, you’d have to be mad to buy one.. Or rich at the very least which I, despite popular belief amongst students, am not. What’s all this leading to?

I’ll tell ya. Apparently today Dunkel decided to trade one of his spare guitars that he just happened to have lying around (Dunkel and guitars are kinda like women and shoes – ‘cept women’s shoes are usually small and cute and Ibanez guitars are, well, f’ing metal!) for a PS3, some games and a few Bluray titles. Not really too sure how that deal came about, but who am I to question the ways of the Dunkel? And more importantly, who am I to refuse an invitation to come down and play around with his new baby?

So after a long day of writing and playing around with my project, I tiptoed down to Dunkel’s and got an introduction to the wonderful world of high def by ways of Spiderman 3.. An okay movie, I might add, but I was really more impressed with the visuals. I mean, it was really quite like watching DVD over VHS for the first time.. Only like a million times brighter and more detailed.. I’m happy to report that both the CGI effects and Kirsten Dunst looked pretty smashing in HD.. Oh and I’m still trying to get over Topher Grace of “That 70’s Show” fame playing a bad guy.. What the hell is up with that? And looking quite good and ungeeky for a change.. Wait, that last part might’ve come out wrong.. Anyways, HD good, I wanted to pet his 46″ flat screen.. Tina thinks that makes me crazy, but she’s the one who cuddled a “Convoy” DVD at a local video store the other day so I don’t really think she’s entitled to comment..

In conclusion: High def awesome, Spidey 3 pretty good, National Treasure 2  quite decent , watching DivX content after playing around with Bluray titles for a few hours.. Not so much of an enjoyable experience 😉


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