You owe me one!

Wednesday was Jakob’s birthday. Tina, being the epitome of awesomeness that she is naturally wanted to do something fun for his birthday, so she decided to surprise him with tickets for Indy 4.. Only problem is that the show she got tickets for was on Thursday which coincidentally clashed with the appropriately named Thursday Bar at the Student House.

No worries, though, Johan to the rescue! Being the good friend that I (now and then) am, I jumped right up to the occasion when she asked me if it’d be okay if her and Jakob (Jakob being the bar manager at the house) skipped the night and let me take care of business on my own. Well, I’m here to help my friends and what the hell kinda friend would I be if I said no? And really, how bad could things be? Well, lets just see about that one, Johan.

So, I arrive in good faith alone at the Student House at around 7 PM, getting ready for opening at 8. I walk upstairs (after the usual struggle with the faulty stair lights which never seem to really want to turn on) and discover that half of the furniture is mysteriously missing.. Eh, well, I start roaming the floors and rooms, searching for the lost furniture. I find some in the back kitchen on the first floor and carry them out, the rest I manage to locate downstairs, meaning that I’ll singlehandedly have to carry them up the stairs.. No worries, I’m a big boy (contrary to popular belief) and I soon manage to get the tables upstairs, the chairs, too, and get them distributed between the various tables. After about twenty minutes, the time has then come to stock the fridges which meant several more runs downstairs to get extra cases of beer and soda.. And people wonder why I have long arms.. Anyways, since the fridges are pretty full, I settle for two cases of beer and one case of sodas which I carry up and stock into the fridges accordingly.

The time has now reached about 7:40 PM and I spent the last twenty-odd minutes before opening blasting LostProphets and trying to find room for the twenty-some odd cases full of empty beer bottles that had mysteriously appeared instead of the missing furniture. At around five minutes to opening I sit down with Einar and Jesper who had arrived early, have a beer and start waiting for the evening rush.. Which, coincidentally, never happened! I mean, Jakob and Tina surely needn’t have worried about me not being able to cope with the customers.. I handled them pretty well, all six of them! That’s right, our evening consisted of serving up a few beers for Einar, Jesper, Louise, Fischer, Michael and Rikke – the latter of whom had not eaten and was on antibiotics anyways, i.e. a bad customer 😉

So hardly a busy night. Most people (as in three) left at around 10 PM, Jesper and Einar left shortly after 11 amd Rikke and I held down the fort until midnight.. By lying on the couches talking.. Hardly an evening to write home about.. But I sure am glad I spent all that time setting up, getting extra tables ready and what have you.. Not! Tina, I was happy to help, but as I told you yesterday, I do figure you owe me a beer for leaving me to fend through such an evening rush all on my own! 😉


2 responses to “You owe me one!

  1. Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

    Jason Rakowski

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Set

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