You’re the (caffeine) junkie!

Not the most exciting of weekends this time around.. Actually, my weekend sounds more like a line out of Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” than the usual mix of beers, ramblings and heavy f’ing metal.. Ah, but such is life..

I decided to dump the usual parties, including the gala party at uni in favor of staying home and working on my project.. Weak, I know, but hey, I’ve made progress. Actually, I’ve finished all 24 pages, conclusion and all and now have only major proof reading and some minor retouching to do.. Well, besides touching up my web application, correcting some weird occurrences and faults here and there.. But generally, I’m pretty satisfied and well ahead of my schedule.

“How on earth did you manage?” I’m sure would be the first question out of your mouth.. Well, first and foremost I’ve been pretty much a total dead beat lately.. So to those who’ve wondered about my pretty secluded and solitary behavior as of late, I apologize, I don’t like this new me much either, and I promise to be back in good old Johan mode as soon as possible 😉

Secondly, I’ve found it helps to acknowledge that I just have weird sleeping patters and live by them. Apparently I’m usually more productive at between 11 AM and 6 PM, if that means going to bed at 4 AM, sleeping till 10 AM, getting up at putting a decent effort into my project before drifting off and doing weird shit from 6 PM onwards, then so be it, I guess.. If you can’t change it, live by it.

Thirdly, caffeine is my new best friend! Okay, second best friend.. But, really! I don’t get all these college kids who get into coke and the likes in order to stay up and get through their studies.. Bah, humbug I say! I’ve discovered you can do just as well with an IV drop of caffeine.. Or, alternatively, four cups of coffee and a few glasses of Pepsi a day.. (ahem..) plus a healthy dose of speed metal and/or punk.. Sure keeps me wired and has me writing a ton of code or documentation in no time.. Mmm.. Now, about this whole addiction thing being bad for you, we’ll address that some other day. Besides, I can quit any day I want.. Really.. Sorta.. Maybe.. Okay, so what if I wake up all strung out and suffer from headaches before having the first cup of heavenly morning coffee.. Perfectly normal, I say.. Don’t look at me like that! 😉

Ahem, anyways.. My plans for tonight? None, too exciting, I’m afraid. Mia and Brian from upstairs have left for a short weekend vacation, so the plan is pretty much to press through with the loud-ass speed metal meets caffeine meets creative process throughout the night and see how far I can go before my exam project starts to make even less sense than this weekend update.


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