Who needs the iPhone?

When you’ve got the FrankenPhone?!

What’s a FrankenPhone you ask?  Oh, only one of the most ghetto rigged devices in the world! In short, a cell phone that would make Victor Frankenstein proud.. Also, it’s currently my primary phone. It consists of an old, banged up Sony Ericsson k750i which barely survived the first few months of my blogging adventures, the battery of my recently dearly departed Sony Ericsson w810i.. And a charger attachment from fuck knows where.. In short, an unlikely marriage of parts left over from numerous dead devices which looks about as pretty as you’d expect but, much to the surprise of myself and everybody else, works better than you’d expect.. I mean, it handles calls without dying, sends SMS messages on command and actually holds battery for more than 14 minutes.. Who’d have thunk I could actually build something that didn’t break.. Out of broken parts.. I’m like, engineer Messiah!

Ah, what else have I done today? Well, considering I’ve only spent about an hour total outside, I’ve spent a surprising amount of time stalking people. Incidentally, I ran into Tina and Jakob right after I’d sent Tina a proud message detailing my luck with building the FrankenPhone.. I tried to sneak up on them all whilst listening to RATM – Killing In The Name on my iPod so as you could expect, that didn’t go to well and I got busted a few short feet before I thought it safe to pounce on them.. Bah, oh well, greetings were exchanged, weird plans were made, hugs were shared and off I went again back on track on my way to uni to test up my mad coding skillz against Microsoft Internet Explorer.. Which is always fun. I don’t get why Internet Explorer has to think it owns the damn web and can dictate how things are supposed to look. I mean, I try stuff in various different browsers and it looks just fine, then when I as IE; “Hey, IE, could you render this for me please?”, IE responds something on the lines of “Nah-uh.. I’m not gonna.. I’m gonna have a sandwich! Then I might give it a shot, but I’ll not take your carefully planned margins into consideration.. How’s that?” *sigh* Who else here is waiting for the day that Microsoft just fucks off and dies? Anyways, a bit of tinkering and my code looked okay, even in IE..

So backtracking home I was.. When suddenly I saw the back of Jesper and decided to once more practice the sneak and pounce routine. This time I did considerably better, and actually made it all the way up back behind him where I hung back for a while until Jesper turned around looking as if he was about to sock me pretty good before a look of recognition dawned on his face and he was like “Oh, it’s only you!” Apparently he thought me some kind of weird, sociopathic stalker type and I can’t say I blame him much.. Anyways, as we live in the same direction, we decided to join forces and chatted happily on the way home which was nice and cozy and all that.

Eventually I made it home at around 4 PM and then sat down and worked a bit on my assignment. I pretty quickly found myself in a bit of panic regarding the amount of theory and literature I was pouring into the mix so save a short dinner break at 7, I actually didn’t move out of the spot until 11:30 when I had rewritten some six pages and was reasonably happy with the result. Holy poop on a stick, Batman, I didn’t even know I had it in me to work that hard and that long. I guess I’ll take a break now before jumping right into it all again tomorrow morning.. Gah!


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