Who dunnit? I dunnit!

Dun what? Finished my exam project, of course! But man the last couple of days have been a drag. Okay, Tuesday wasn’t actually too bad. I only worked for like five or six hours and spent the rest of the day trying to calm the Tina down by my presence and doing everything I could to make her experience as enjoyable as possible.. Which included doing some shopping for dinner that evening and for various things that Tina had run out of.. Which proved more difficult than I’d though.

Of course, being the girly guy that I am, I was rather unintimidated about purchasing things such as cotton wipes and toilet paper.. Easy peasy! Other things proved a little more difficult. For instance, she wanted coffee that was less bitter than the brand she currently had. When I presented to her the fact that her current brand was probably one of the least bitter brands of coffee in existence, she changed her demands to “well, I just want something that’s.. different!” So far so good, that narrowed it all down to about a few hundred options..

She also needed fruit juice which to me of course presented another problem as I never touch any kind of sugar water, be it soda or fruit juice. When I asked what kind she wanted, her reply was much the same as that before: “Oh, any kind, doesn’t really matter, I use it for smoothies!” – her subsequent slur of profanities indicating that prune juice was apparently the only non-valid option in this case.. I eventually ended up getting her some mixed fruit juice because I figured that juice made from four different fruits was pretty much a starter smoothie right there, right? Provided that a smoothie consists of blended fruit.. I wouldn’t know, I must’ve missed that episode of “Sex and the City” or whatever that suddenly made smoothies all in like! Either way, I figured it was a mix of fruits and as such my choice made sense. As for coffee, I got her a blend of various sorts that I consider mild and non-bitter. At the very least it could certainly only be different from the blend she had.

I also picked up some aromatic veggies for dinner and following about thirty seconds of weighing the pros and cons, I also made a trip by my go-to wine guy and picked up a bottle for the evening thinking that both Tina and I would probably appreciate a bit of pampering of the old taste buds after a day’s hard work. I then returned, fearing the worst as regards my decisions, but ended up actually earning some credit for my bold choices.

As the clock approached 6:30, I started getting dinner ready in preparation of Tina finishing at 8. It was basically the same old basic principle of sweating some aromatic veggies, adding some minced beef, some chopped tomatoes, spices, plenty of red wine and a bit of seasoning and serving it over fresh pasta topped with freshly grated parmesan.. Only this time things turned out particularly tasty – possibly because we’d been looking forward to it, I don’t know. Tina surely wasted no time in diving in and making happy little noises while she ate. She even complimented me on making things neither too hot nor too spicy, meaning that she could just shovel things in without having to fear the repercussions of being made fun of on my blog afterwards.

Neither did she waste any time in setting a good pace in sipping and subsequently drinking the wine which meant that it was gone way sooner than I’d have like,d but I attribute that to them not making the bottles nearly large enough for two people to share over dinner and a subsequent movie.. The movie of choice tonight turned out to be Boat Trip, a surprisingly funny movie featuring Cuba Gooding Jr, random Swedish models and a downright flaming Roger Moore.. And by the way, it went down really well with a few beers. Meaning that by the time it ended, we were pretty much downright tipsy and decided to just have a goodnight beer, talk for a while and then send me on home.. All in all a lovely day, the first twelve hours of which could’ve been more interesting, though. But at least I got to be the official Hero of the Day as well as share a lovely meal and a lovely wine with some lovely company.. Woo!

Wednesday and Thursday have been less interesting in that I’ve been stuck in voluntary isolation in Nyborg, writing pretty much non-stop and trying to figure out why the hell my application to go along with my assignment suddenly looked like all crap in Internet Explorer.. A fact which suddenly dawned to me at around midnight last night. The bad news here being that I’ve pretty much worked around the clock for the past two days, the good news being that I’m now actually f’ing DONE with this damn project! Okay, I need the final bit of proof reading tomorrow, but that’s like.. nothing.. compared to what I’ve been through already.. Go me! 😀

The plan now is to stay in Nyborg the weekend over, cashing in on some free food and hospitality. Rock Im Park is a week away today.. Or well, our departure is anyways, and I am beyond stoked. The good thing about sitting round and having nothing to do but my stupid project has been that I haven’t really had time to think too much about the whole thing.. Now that I’m done and the planning for Nürnberg has really kicked off, I can’t f’ing wait!


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