What kinda panic? Kernel panic!

Sometimes I just hate being a Mac owner.. Not because of the hardware, not because of the software, not because of the endless hating from clueless Windows users.. No, more because of te

he false sense of security that working on a Mac system might buy you. Like today, I was working on the final proof reading of my project, all was well, I finished in good time, sent my laptop into standby mode and went for a nice, long walk in the beautiful weather.

When I eventually popped back in and decided to do some non-related work on the laptop. I popped the lid, and was greeted by the, for me, rather unfamiliar sight of an Mac OS X kernel panic screen.. Which, putting it in simplified terms, is quite similar to the old Windows BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) – i.e. an instruction to basically go fuck yourself and restart your computer without offering you a chance to save your work or anything. In other words, not really the kind of message you want to receieve when you’ve got a largely unsaved 55 page newly proof read assignment lying around in the background! FUCK!

I don’t think I even need to stress how stressful the next couple of minutes of my life was as I struggled to reboot my laptop, relaunch Word and take a look at the extend of the damages. Strangely, and luckily, Microsoft Word actually pulled through for a change when I relaunched it and presented me with a nice, recovered version of my work. Incidentally the first time in five odd years that I’ve actually been happy about using a piece of Microsoft software.. As a sign of gratitude, I’ll try to keep this in mind next time I feel like going on a Microsoft bashing rampage. Which, by the way, with a little luck won’t show up for a while since Tina has now thrown me another pet peeve to bitch about in the shape of a Dan Brown novel, Deception Point, I haven’t yet read 😉


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