The Meaning of Life

Quoth the Savior: “It is finished!” – Ah.. Ahem.. All blasphemy aside, I finally did finish the last part of my exam projects and it is now all done, all printed and all ready for handing in tomorrow. Reaching this final step took a bit more work than I’d expected, including a trip down to uni only to discover that all the computer labs were booked for exams until 1 PM, meaning about an hour of sitting around and waiting for yours truly.. Only to discover that the computers were still locked for exams once I did get in. Meaning that not only could I not log onto my personal account before talking with IT service, it also meant that once I did manage to log in, I was unable to access the web for quite a while owing to some mistake on said IT service’s part.. Which further complicated the process of printing my internet sources..

Anyways, a good few hours later after much bitching, groaning, cursing and head shaking, I’d manage to print all three copies of my project, three copies of the various bits of source code and three copies of the 150+ pages of internet sources I’d used.. Which left only the process of sorting all the papers out, punching holes in them and creating three separate sets for handing in tomorrow.. Which proved about as easy as spending Friday night trying to tell Einar that he’d had enough to drink and should head home.. *sigh* after much more cursing, reprinting of some sources, a larger puzzle of trying to match pages and, heck, even a tear or two, things mysteriously turned out in my favor and I was able to finish at around 5 PM.

At this point, while listening to The Offsprings “Meaning Of Life”, I decided that – as of right now – the meaning of life was to celebrate my exam by going out and getting a beer and getting all the ingredients needed to fix myself a couple of homemade cheese burgers, complete with homemade ketchup, homemade mayo (what a bitch emulsions turned out to be), caramelized onions and thick cut home fries, skin on and all.. Mmm.. I suppose this was the only logical end to a day of sitting in a computer lab listening to people ordering take out for their project writing sessions.

Cooking up this cardio vascular disaster took a good hour and a half, as did the consumption of said meal, leaving me full, somewhat sick to my stomach and happy.. Having that second burger is really never a great idea.. Probably neither is eating heaps of fatty food the week before I’m supposed to go down south and run around in a permanently tipsy state with my shirt off trying to catch some much needed sun.. I hear you’re supposed to try and cut calories in the days before that.. Eh, but since when have I followed rules? And what’s a boy to do? There’s gotta be a fair amount of spoiling yourself involved with finishing one of these project things.. Yes, I dare say!

Right now you’ll have to excuse me, though, I’m about to curl up in a catatonic state and promise myself never to eat again.


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