Gearing up for Rock Im Park

Oh man am I excited? Being busy with my exam projects, I didn’t really have time to get super excited about going to Rock Im Park as my head was pretty much filled with worries about the state of my project.. Now, though, that I’m all done, I’ve nothing to do but sit around and wait for Thursday to roll around and the train to roll on through the night to the fair city of Nürnberg.

I’ve spent the last few days getting everything packed and ready, taking care of most of the logistics of our journey, buying random stuff to increase our comfort during the inevitable camping sessions and what have you and now everything looks about ready for show time.. We’ve even had time to warm up a bit. Yes, Dunkel and I accidentally got a little liquored up last night in a frenzy of punk and metal and anticipation. Before we knew it, we’d torn into a few liters of fruit wine, a bottle of vodka and some Scotch Whisky.. Which left us happy and more than likely noisy as well.. Eh, well, shit happens! 😉

So, yea, tomorrow’s the big day! I’m meeting up with Tina for dinner who, after reading my post from a few days back, pleaded with me to serve her up some of my homemade cheese burgers. Following a hopefully successful installment of dinner, we’ll rendez vouz with Dunkel at the train station at around 8:45 PM, jumping on the 9 PM south-bound night train. Arrival in Nürnberg is scheduled at around 7 AM Friday morning where we’ll be catching a local S-Bahn connecting train to the festival grounds, have a morning drink and pitch our tent.. Then relax a bit before hitting the front of Centerstage to kick off a weekend of loud rock music with some LostProphets goodness.. That’s the plan anyways!

So, what’s there to see? Well, my wish list looks something like this:

Friday: LostProphets, Kid Rock, Die Toten Hosen

Saturday: Opeth, Bad Religion, Coheed & Cambria, Rage Against The Machine, Prodigy

Sunday: Well, no real choice here.. Centerstage all the way; Alpha Galates (who?) Alter Bridge (Metalingus.. Please!), Disturbed (FUCK yeah!), In Flames (meh), Nightwish (eek!), The Offspring (w00t!), METALLICA! What a day that’s gonna be.. And man will I be busted by the time we catch the 2 AM night train home.

Anyways, yea. In case I don’t have time to post any more updates before leaving.. I’ll see ya after the weekend! Be good, take care and listen to heavy f’ing metal! 😀


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