For Those About To Rock..

.. the hours spent waiting are growing longer! In essence we’re all revved up with nowhere to go.. Things are packed, we’re ready, the alcohol is ready.. All that’s now needed is for 9 PM to roll around so we may be on a train towards Nürnberg. Generally the hours are spent waiting, checking the forums, the live blogs from the festival grounds, deeply scrutinizing the weather forecasts and trying to figure out what to expect.. The good news is that following quite a bit of rain yesterday, things are looking to be clearing up now and the forecast of light to heavy showers and overcast has been changed to sun, scattered clouds and chances of light showers.. Which has made Dunkel specifically more of a happy camper to be.

Strange thing is that I don’t seem to be taken aback by the outlook of possible showers and what have you.. And I’m the hating on everything camping related kinda guy.. I’m just as stoked as ever! Let it be night already!


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