Rock Im Park: In Conclusion

The trip in numbers:

Kilometers traveled: 1800 (roughly, not counting local transport)

Hours spent on trains: 23 hours

Hours spent sleeping on trains: 4 (roughly)

Hours spent sleeping total: 20 (roughly, for all five days)

Kilometers walked: AT LEAST 5 per day, probably more

Beers drunk: Who’s counting?

Bands seen: 14 (Fiction Plane (briefly), LostProphets, Simple Plan, Kid Rock, Sportsfreunde Stiller, Die Toten Hosen, Bad Religion, Coheed & Cambria (briefly), Saul Williams (very briefly), Rage Against The Machine, The Prodigy, Nightwish, The Offspring, Metallica)

Rock Im Park – The Good:

  • The line-up
  • The surroundings (the park and the lakes are a beautiful setting)
  • Prices in general (food and beer was very favorable as compared to Danish festivals)
  • The people – generally friendly and helpful
  • Concert security (vigilant, professional, helpful and very on top of things)
  • The company (good friends, good music, good beers and good fun)
  • Tina at a rock show (I don’t care how out of place or pretty in pink she looked; drinking and partying with the boys, not showering for a weekend, throwing horns and passing an exam less than 24 hours after our return is f’ing Rock ‘n’ Roll in my book!
  • Largely good weather
  • Sound was at an acceptable level for a change.. We were able to watch largely everything without earplugs.
  • Germans have a fucked up sense of ingenuity when it comes to setting up camps. We saw some pretty messed up and funny stuff.

Rock Im Park: The Bad

  • 3.30 Euros for a glass of water – RIDICULOUS!
  • Camping/Parking security (power mongers and not very helpful to boot)
  • Communications (Did anybody, staff or security alike really know what was going on? A common set of rules and standards would’ve been nice!)
  • Size of crowd (a large crowd is not bad as such – but there was definitely too little space for so many people)
  • Littering (never in my life have I seen a place turn so dirty so fast! More self discipline and sweeping would’ve helped – a lot!)

Rock Im Park: The Ugly

  • Narrow walkways, bad or no lighting on the paths leading back from the stage areas – downright dangerous at times!
  • Infrastructure: Stages were way too closed. All exits and entrances congregating at one point. Chaos ensued twice but no measures were taken until Sunday. If panic had broken out, things would’ve gotten ugly
  • German streakers 😉

Conclusion: A largely awesome experience, amazing line-up, a few good surprises in terms of bands. We’ll probably be able to laugh at the whole train experience in the years to come. Obviously the success of the franchise has come of a bit of a surprise to the organizers, hence various things were more than a little chaotic at times.

I hear Rock Am Ring is a hell of a lot more organized and more used to accomedating large crowds. Plus it’s closer. I say we try that next time around 😀


2 responses to “Rock Im Park: In Conclusion

  1. Had great fun reading about your adventures at Rock am Park. Thanks 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome! I had a great time recalling everything as well 😀

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