Capsicum Whatsicum? – Homegrown Chillies?!

I’ve got another confession to make! I’m nursing another serious addiction. The drug of my choice: Capsaicin, the component that gives chili peppers their (in)famous punch. Tina realizes this and to some extend shares the fascination which is why she, when stumbling over a chili plant downtown, she quickly made a call for confirmation and then immediately bought it for me.

So, I’m not now the proud owner of a plan plant of which I know next to nothing other than the fact that it’s a member of the Capsicum family.. (Capsicum Chinense, even, I think) which is why I’ve now labeled it a Capsicum Whatsicum. So far I’ve managed to keep it alive for well over 48 hours, a fact that I’m surprisingly proud off. I’ve even bought it a pot to live in and some fertilizer for it to live off.. Which I guess means it’s pretty much living better than I am right now. The ultimate goal, of course is to be a plant owner rather than a plant killer.. And of course, home grown chilies sounds like a pretty sweet deal as well.. Mmm.. Capsaicin! 😀

And now, to achieve that goal through my usual mix of trial and error and a little help from my two old friends Wikipedia and Google.. I sense trouble!


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