I’m sick and tired of always being sick and tired!

I forgot who originally siad that, but I concur! I guess some of us brought a little more home from Nürnberg than we bargained for.. At any rate both Tina and I have recently been leveled by what can only be described as the Bavarian killer cold. I initially thought that Tina had gotten the worst of it, but after yesterday and today I’m not too sure..

I had Christian, Emelie and Tina over for dinner last night and throughout most of the day, as I sat shivering on the couch, drinking tea, coughing and blowing my now, I kept thinking how bad of an idea it was to have people over on that very day. Luckily, though, I’d cooked all the food on the night before and when people actually showed up and a few drinks were had, things actually went pretty well and a good time was had by all. Emelie was the first to leave as she had to get some studying done during the evening as well. Tina stuck around for a fair bit longer, observing Christian and I drinking beers and growing ever wiser about the state of the world. She eventually caved in as well and Christian and I shared a last few drinks and a good talk before Christian, too, had to get going.

Struggling with an increasingly painful throat, I didn’t manage to get any sleep before 4:30 or so AM, so I took to staying up and logging onto MSN in order to bug random people in other time zones. When I did manage to fall asleep, I fought through a couple of those weird feverish dreams until my alarm went off at 11. I can’t say too many interesting things about the day today, because I wasn’t really around to experience it. After struggling out of bed and into the shower, I dragged my now painfully sore body down to uni to sign up for and pay for some bbq party next week, I then managed a little shopping before returning to my couch at around 1 PM and turning on the TV. Five minutes later, I must’ve dozed off because the next thing I remember is stirring awake, drifting back to sleep, stirring slightly again and so on and so forth for a while before checking the clock, discovering much to my horror that it was way past 6 PM and that I needed to get one hell of a move on if I were to cook dinner and eat before going to work. Still, I managed, despite being more asleep than awake.

Work was.. Well, much like I’d imagine purgatory to be like.. But I still pulled through and for a rare change, all my colleagues were actually nice, understanding and not making fun of my condition, so I made it through with surprisingly few problems. Some even tried feeding me ice cream and other stuff that they reckoned would be good for my throat at the very least. Too bad I don’t eat ice cream.. But when I refused, they made sure that I at least took home the remainders of the tray of sandwiches that we’re usually fed on Friday nights – so that I’d at least have something to eat – something a poor student would never refuse. Thanks guys!

After a brief bike ride, it made it home reasonably sound.. And, having been up for a total of, well, about eight hours today, I think I’m about ready to call it a night now.. Stupid, f’ing cold!


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