Which is louder?

A camp site at Rock Im Park or a seven year old’s birthday party? Up until today, I thought I had a pretty solid answer to that question, but after attending my grand cousin Casper’s birthday today and watching, as well as listening, to him and his peers charging around and wrecking havoc for a few hours, I’m really not too sure. But it’s all good, I guess. Kids will be kids and it’s not their fault that I’m struggling in the grasp of the Bavarian killer cold.

Fact is, I nearly didn’t make it to the birthday at all. I do after all have this thing for sleeping in lately, mostly owing to the cold, and so of course I didn’t manage to get out of bed by 10 AM as scheduled. Which is why I was pretty damn happy that my mom sent me an SMS shortly before she left home in order to pick me up, thus giving me just enough time to get up, shower in a panic and get dressed before she showed up. We then set off towards the fair town of Vejen to try and locate my cousin Eva’s (proud mother of above mentioned birthday boy) new house. An activity which went reasonably well; I mean, we only made two wrong exits off the motorway, only had to ask for directions twice and I made it through the entire trip without throwing up and passing out.

We arrived almost on time to find everybody already there and waiting for us – besides my aunt who was apparently running late dropping off her alcoholized boyfriend who is not longer welcome at my cousin’s house.. Ah yes, gotta love the family drama. Anyways, the whole party thing was pretty nice, the fact aside that I was much more interested in laying down and shutting out the outside world than I was in sitting around, chatting and eating lasagna for the third day in a row (what are the odds of that happening, anyways?).. My God can children at play be noisy, though? Hence the opening bit of philosophy of this post.

After spending a few happy yet exhausting hours with family, my mom and I drove home to her place in order for me to help her with some IT issues she’d been having (which could mostly be related to certain features of Word she had never noticed before and therefore held to be bugs), pick up some compost (for my new plant friend, of course!), and, after some consideration and weighing of my condition, to eat dinner with her before catching a bus back home.

Safely at home, I tried my best to get some work done. This whole condition is really getting ridiculous, though and thus didn’t allow for much fucking around meaning I pretty quickly had to find my couch and settle down and zone out. So if you’re wondering why my recent posts have seemed shorter, more error laden and probably even more incoherent than usual as of late, this is probably part of the reason.. Neither my mind or my body seems to be functioning properly these days and I’m getting damn well sick of it.. Tomorrow, I start studying for my final exam and I sure as fuck hope I’ll be feeling more on top of things then.. Maybe I’ll actually take to following those well-meant, albeit downright crazy and icky, suggestions I’ve received of drinking lots of cranberry juice and honey laden camomile tea. Meh.. I hate to admit that they may actually help, but it would help to prove that Tina, Mia and others were really just trying to help rather than tormenting me further 😉 Something definitely needs to be done soon.


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