Beating the sickness!

I did it! I finally did it! I finally beat the Bavarian Killer Cold a ghastly beast that I never hope to see again.. I’m so happy, in fact, that I nearly jumped up and kissed the cashier at the Super Market when she asked if I’d finally recovered from our trip to Nürnberg.. When is the las time your checkout lady inquired about your well-being and subsequently followed up on you? It’s pretty fucking rare in these necks of the wood, I must say, and just one of about 457 reasons why I love shopping at my local super market.

Err.. Anyways, I celebrated my new found well-being by kicking up my epic week-long preparation for my oral defense of my exam project which is to take place some time next Monday. Needless to say, not much fun was had by all during that whole project. Though I did manage a surprising amount of multitasking – for a man anyways, and for me in particular – which allowed me to bother an old friend on MSN. Once again, I’m thinking I was born in the wrong time zone because these days if I’m not bothering Canadians on MSN, it’s New Zealanders.. I hardly ever see any Danes in my online contacts anymore.. Maybe my sleeping habits have in fact become a bit weird as of late.

Anyways, after a few hours of preparations, I just plain gave up and decided to head on down to Dunkel’s for a few movies which was fun as always. In short: Word, and high def, has it that Will Smith is going kinda grey hair and beard wise and that no matter which version you chose, the ending to “I Am Legend” will still suck.
The movie is still pretty good, though! And speaking of good movies, “The Onion Movie” is just plain awesome. Probably THE most fucked up, and funniest, movie I’ve seen in a while.. Never has politically incorrect humor and cock punching been such fun! And with cameos from Steven Segal and Michael Bolton, how can you not love it? After making these first hand observations, a brief heartfelt rendez-vouz with half of Edward Scissorhands (I love you, Tim Burton, and when I grow up, I wanna marry you!) and more than a few profanities spewed over the retarded menus on “I Am Legend” (we actually had to try four times before we finally located the alternate ending), I slipped on home at midnight for a much needed snack and some rest.

Well, what can I say.. Despite once again sleeping in, it’s at least been a more eventful day than the last few ones.. And I’ve actually been able to enjoy it quite a bit more than the weekend from hell which I’ve just made it to.. And now to pass out in preparation for tomorrow’s fine day of studying for exams and going to work.. Ah, I love my life at present.. Especially because pretty much everybody but me (and Tina and Christian, too, of course) have already finished their exams and are running around, having fun and drinking beers while I’m stuck inside either studying or working and having no time to hang out with friends.. Blah! Six days and counting.. Then school’s out for summer, for me as well!


7 responses to “Beating the sickness!

  1. okay, you have absolutely nothing to complain about… My vacation doesn’t start until July 17th!!!!

  2. Hehe.. Easy tiger! 😉 See, you’re a hard working kinda gal, I’m a lazy bum.. I need vacation 😉 Neh, I know I don’t, just a lil frustrated with things as of late. Probably owing to this stupid f’ing cold!

  3. hey, yours is at least gone now… mine’s still there 😦

    Btw i’m so excited about coming home tonight – my cleaning lady (!) came for the first time today – yeah clean appartment! 😉

  4. Eh, well, it’s not as much gone as it’s just beat down to a point where I can actually focus on other things. I’m still doing the coughing, sneezing, blowing nose routine.. And I still feel your pain, sweety 🙂

    Who is this cleaning lady of which you speak and where can I get one?! That is so awesome.. I want one! 😀 I’m getting entirely too tired of living in a mess (which is probably why I found myself cleaning up the kitchen last night at 3 AM.. Hmm)

  5. Know the feeling… just didn’t want to spend the few hours off I got cleaning – so got a cleaning lady… and only 10 € per hour! Sweet 😉

    My appartment didn’t look too nice either when I left this morning. I’ve been postpooning the whole cleaning thing for a while… 😉

  6. Sweet! I totally would’ve jumped that deal as well! “But I, beeing poor, have only my dreams..” so I’m stuck to trying to do things myself 😉

    Which up till very recently meant that things got pretty much ignored.. But now, for some reason, it bugs me to no end and I’ve taken to doing more of an effort whenver time permits.. I really must be ill 😉

  7. a-hem! mine eksaminer stopper ikke før d. 25. august du…

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