Relapse, don’t do it

Oof.. Well, seems Zascha won’t have to worry anymore about me beating my cold and her still being sick. I’m evidently right back in the game after a bit of a relapse yesterday. Just as I thought I was doing better and was actually on my feet. I even looked well enough for my colleagues to start poking fun at me last night. Which, I guess, is a testiment to how bad I must’ve looked Friday.. If they’re deeming me unfit for mocking, I must’ve really looked damn near dead.. Anyways, yes, all was fine and well yesterday.. Except for the usual coughing and sneezing of course, but that was to be expected.. I go to work, things go well, I’m accused of having an affair with a girl I’ve known for fifteen minutes (which is a new record even for me, I guess), I come home and start developing a headache, figure I’d better go to bed.. And that’s where things go downhill I guess.

Eventually I’m in too much pain to sleep and when I finally do manage to fall asleep, I’m woken constantly by the ever so charming clogged nose and sore, raspy throat.. A condition that continued well into today and was only made better by me (against my very insticnt) drinking loads of camomile tea and popping vitamin C, cold medicine and pain killers like there was no tomorrow.. I’m sure my liver is loving me by now, but at least it’s worked so far! I’m heading out for an evening walk with Tina in a few hours and hopefully the fresh air will take care of the rest of this crazy condition. At any rate, seeing her again will be good, if only for a short period of time. We both have crazy schedules as of lately, so we figured we’d better shove a short bit of quality time in there somewhere or run the risk of not seeing eachother in forever.. Err.. And by forever I mean of course over a week.. Which seems about as unthinkable as forever to me.. Funny how that works when you get so close to people:

When Zascha used to live here, it seemed only natural that her and I spent several days a week together.. Usually with Tina being involved as well.. When Zascha then so selfishly (kidding, babe!) decided to move, I kinda had to get used to not seeing her every week.. Yet, Tina and I of course stuck together and have since then hung gotten together so frequently and so well that, well, I can’t remember going a week without seeing her (though I’m sure if it did happen, it’d be mentioned somewhere on this blog due to the unusual nature of such events) .. except maybe during vacations or something.. Which, I guess, goes to explain why going for a walk at 11:10 on a Wednesday night seems the most reasonable plan ever, just for the sake of seeign eachother.. And getting some much needed fresh air and exercise.

I guess now  you’re thinking that getting excited over something like this makes me look rather sad.. But hey, it’s the small things in life that count 😉 And in between being sick and studying for my exam, it’s not like I’ve really had the most interesting of tales to relate, nor have I experienced much. So I welcome the change of something actually happening and you’re just gonna have to put up with increasingly crazy ramblings on my behalf 😉

Oh, by the way, I guess this is my first post made using the new Firefox 3 – which is good times, by the way!


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