This still counts!

I harvested the first fruit of my labor today! My first ever home grown chili pepper! I’d share a picture of my baby.. But, uhhh.. the pic that I took didn’t scale too well, quite possibly because my first fully ripe pepper was smaller than the tip of a pen.. But Tina, who received a thumbnail image over MMS can vouch for the fact that it was a very cute fruit indeed! And as such, it STILL COUNTS as the first piece of produce, I’ve ever.. produced (?) .. entirely on my own! .. Besides, the remaining peppers on the plant are larger already and nowhere near ripe, so I can only be psyched about things to come. Especially now that the peppers have actually proven edible and non-poisonous.. (yes, I found that out through trial and error method as well..) Matter of fact, they actually proved quite tasty nice and fruity. Nearly no heat, though, but maybe that all changes once they get a chance to grow and ripen properly.. Lets hope so.. Or I’ll have to make good on my threats of trying to grow a Habanero next year 😉

What? I told you I was a chili addict! 😀

So what kinda use did I put it to? Well, have I ever mentioned that weird things happen in my kitchen at times? If not.. Weird things happen in my kitchen at times! So, in this way, not only did I end up doing dishes as I got home from work at 0:30, I also gave into my hunger and my headache and ended up cooking up some pasta which I originally intended to eat with just some ketchup or whatever (yea, Danish students are ghetto like that at times), anyways, as it was cooking, I stumbled upon the newly harvested midget pepper and was like “hey!” and chopped it up. I then stumbled upon my basil plant, stole a few leafs and tore those up. As the pasta had cooked, I drained it, added chili and basil, some good quality olive oil, a little garlic and fresh ground pepper. As I looked through the fridge, I (again) stumbled upon a block of Parmesan cheese and of course had to add that as well.. I’ve heard they say that  La mejor salsa del mundo es la hambre.. Errr.. hunger is the best sauce in the world, that is, to those that don’t speak Spanish.. But anyways, I’d have to say that this non-sauce of olive oil, basil, chili, garlic, pepper and Parmesan came pretty close to challenging this position at 1 AM on a dull Wednesday morning.. It actually nearly made up for the extra dishes that I had to do afterwards.

One thing it didn’t do, though, was to take completely care of the headache, so I suppose I’d better end this more or less meaningless update and get off the computer.. Till morning, then! 😉


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