Weary weekend

Well, I tried to have a pretty good weekend despite still being down with the sickies. It didn’t quite pan out as planned. For starters, I started out feeling a little bummed out that I wasn’t able to help out at Tina’s dad’s birthday. Her mom had called me a few days earlier and said that they were apparently staging a barbeque for some sixty people and could use some help. Of course I’d have loved to help out, would even have had fun doing so, but since I was only given a few days’ notice, I had already signed up for another barbeque hosted by our faculty at uni. Oh well, it was maybe for the better after all. In my condition, flipping burgers, sausages and ribs for 14 people seemed hard enough, sixty would probably have been a bit over the top.

And all things considered, we did have fun, even if I only knew like four or five people out of 14.. The food was plenty, beers were plenty and somehow time was a-plenty as well, because we apparently didn’t make it home until sometime around 4 AM the next morning.. After barbequeing, drinking a few beers, playing some Rage Against The Machine, setting off a few alarms and generally just having a good old time.

Saturday was a whole nother story. To say that my cold struck back with a vengeance would probably be an understatement and as a result I spent nearly all day in bed rather than preparing for my exam as I’d expected.. Bummer.. I felt it better to stay in bed and be ready for the evening, though, where I had a shift at the Student House as we were putting on a graduation party/prom night thing.. Two days before my own final exam.. What a sham!

Anyways, I totally was not feeling up for the task as the hour approached, nor did I at all feel like wearing a suit, tie and what have you what with my body already overheating from the sickness and my head already spinning without a tie around my neck to cut off the air flow.. But what’s a boy to do? In the words of Freddie Mercury: “The show must go on”.. So I showered, counted my blessings, suited up and headed on down to the student house. Tie in tow, hoping I wouldn’t be forced to wear it.. Rather surprisingly, I receieved a few wolf whistles and compliments on the way.. Apparently the world didn’t agree with my assumption that I looked like crap and would rather just lie down and die.. Maybe all those years of not taking care of myself and putting on a brave face and partying in the face of not feeling up for it have finally paid off 😉

So yea, I made it down to the Student House ordered up a diet coke and settled in for what was to be a very long night of not drinking and trying to stay on top of things which proved challenging. Luckily I’d already stated that I wasn’t able to do much more than be present as required by law so noone worked me too hard. I lend a hand here and there, minding the bar for short periods of time, checking up on things and such. But most of the night I actually spent kicking back and relaxing in the company of a bunch of bean bag chairs in the corner and Louise B who was evidently also feeling a little beat. So we hung out and talked quite a bit, went for some fresh air whenever needed and eventually ended up looking insanely out of place at a late night pizza place as we went for an 11 PM pizza dinner wearing our full prom attires.. What a stir that created!

Chatting about the inhumanities of fancy dresses, pretty shoes and what have you, we headed back to the Student House for a beer and an inevitable limbo dance which went pretty well for us for about five rounds until we realized we simply would not be able to make the new height and just grabbed eachoher by the hand, walked forward, leaned back and eventually crashed on our asses in unison.. So much for that.. Back for another beer it was, then; my second and last of the evening.. At 1 AM we faced the crowning of the prom king and queen, a title I’d somehow been nominated and received votes for (as king even!). For reasons we didn’t really understand the winners were some dude dressed up as a 70’s punk and an emo girl wearing a “Prom sucks” badge, which pissed us off because naturally we thought we deserved the titles 😉

Disillusioned and weary, we went back to the bean bag chair corner and in our best move of the evening, Louise and I piled all of them up in a big pile and threw ourselves  down on top and just laid down for the final hour of the party, watching the world pass by and poking fun at random drunk passer-bys.. Which, of course earned us a few weird looks as well, but who gives a shit, it was pretty much the best fun I had all evening and considering that all I really wanted all night was to just lie down and get some rest, this activity fitted the bill really well.. But yea, in retrospect I can see how two people in full attire, curled up pretty close in the corner talking and laughing might’ve looked a little suspicious.

2 AM finally rolled around and after a last dance and some having my ass grabbed by a drunk Jesper, I was finally able to make my goodbyes with people and head on my way home.. To get some rest. Or so I thought anyways.. Poor, little Tina was having a really bad night and as such was very sad.. Worse yet, she was some 50 kms away from Kolding so I couldn’t really do anything about it other than of course write back and forth with her which we did for a good few hours, giving me ample time to have a dram of Laphroaig and do some dishes before the poor thing finally found some rest at around 4 AM and I eventually followed her lead and passed out at around 5 AM.

Which translated into about 7 hours of sleep for me before I had to get back up and start really studying for my exam.. Which is about how I spent my entire day today.. God, I can’t wait for 11 AM to roll around tomorrow.. Then it will all be over and hopefully I’ll be well enough to go celebrate with the boys.. Meaning happier posts to come, I’m sure 🙂


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