Dancing with the green fairy

So, apparently absinthe is the devil.. Something that could’ve been brought to my attention yesterday, thank you very much!

It started out pretty much as any other Monday with me staggering out of bed after way too little sleep. I even felt pretty good until I came to enough to realize that this particular Monday was the day of my last exam.. Crud! Things went from bad to worse when I discovered an email from my instructor saying that the server on which my web application (which I was to present in a few hours) was hosted were down for repairs until further notice.. And apparently this notice wasn’t about to arrive before my examination started, causing me to get even more nervous as I stood around at uni, waiting for my time to come..

Luckily, my jitters disappeared as I walked in the door and started a very theoretic presentation of my work, as time went on and I was able to answer questions in a reasonable and well-spoken manner, I actually started feeling damn good about things and actually felt good enough to joke about a bit something which was apparently appreciated too. In the end, my inquisitors pointed out a few short-comings in my assignment but ended up awarding me a 10 which is like the second highest grade on the new, crazy Danish grading scale.. Something that I could only be more than happy about.

Of course, such a result called for celebration and it wasn’t long before Christian and I dived into a few beers and a long talk about things and life in general. After some three or four beers, Christian had to move on and so naturally I did, too, down to Dunkel’s who was more than happy to share another few beers with me.. Or well, a lot of more beers.. Actually, following a short discussion, we decided to just get off our ass wasted, so beers were chased with more beers, a light evening meal which in no way compensated for the amount of alcohol hitting the system, and eventually we decided to chug vodka based drinks in a much too competitive manner. We were eventually joined by Rober, Anne and Jakob who we of course also had to share a few drinks with..

The end result was that events after 10 PM got a litttle blurry to say the least.. I know there was absinth involved, though.. Yea, absinth (as opposed to Absinthe), i.e. the vile, bitter Thujone-laden 70% alcohol by volume kinda shit.. Granted, I’d heard stories about this stuff supposedly fucking you up pretty bad, I didn’t really buy into it, though, as I considered it more of a myth and legend thing than a scientific possibility.. But anyways, it certainly did something, be it the thujone or the low-grade alcohol or what the fuck ever.. I can’t say I remember much of it, though.. All I know is I woke up sometime around 9:30 the next morning unable to find my glasses, I then walked into the living room, by way of the hallway which sported a new weird, black smudge on my white wall paper, where I found that I had apparently overwatered my Basil plant at some point during the night and knocked over (and smashed a glass on the windowsill in the process).. Ahem. I eventually did locate my glasses and also with my new, better vision managed to locate my iPod which was hiding under my microwave oven for reasons unknown even to me.. Very strange behavior indeed.

I eventually got hold of Dunkel who, after some taunting of “haha, I broked you!” related that I’d left the party at somewhere around 11:30 after mumbling to myself for a while and struggling to put on my shoes without apparently telling people that I was leaving. He’d tried to convince me to stay but had received a rather unintelligible reply in return.. So, yea, apparently absinth IS bad for you.

I’ve spend most of the day recovering, spending way too much money on fresh produce, cooking homemade tacos with taco sauce, refried beans (which, by the way, looks a lot like regurgitated beans) and pico de gallo.. all made from scratch.. Oh, and I even had a bit of culture as well, as Dunkel and I met up again and watched Citizen Kane (which was good, albeit a bit demanding to watch with a hangover) before launching into a horror marathon including “Dead End” and “The Ruins”.. Yay lazy Sundays.. Wait.. It’s Tuesday, huh? Anyways, good times!


2 responses to “Dancing with the green fairy

  1. 🙂 If I may ask what was the brand of absinth that you were drinking?

  2. Sure, it was King Of Spirits Gold.. A brand I’d actually only heard negative reviews of.. All I know is it messed me up pretty bad, but I’m starting to think that might have been the 70% alcohol alone.

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