All your plants are belong to me!

So, yesterday wasn’t much to write home about. I spent most of the day sleeping, getting over a hangover which I guess was induced by sharing one too many beers and Morgan and coke with the gang on Saturday.. Who’d have think strong beers and cheap booze would cause a hang over? Additionally, I’m also still struggling with a headache which quite frankly is starting to worry me a little especially since I’m showing at least some symptoms of Sinusitis which I’ve heard isn’t necessarily a good thing. Louise seems to think that I should go see a doctor about it which bothers me not only because I thought I wouldn’t have to listen to such suggestions now that Tina is off enjoying herself at Roskilde (I’m kidding here, I know Tina cares and only wants what’s best for me), but also because I think she might be right (on the other hand, I’m not kidding here).. So the plan is now to wait a day or two and see what happens then go see a doctor if needed because two weeks of headaches can’t be good..

Things have been a little better today, but I’m still not too happy with the subtle but throbbing pain in my forehead.. But it’s been bearable, I’ve been up and about and generally things have been good. So yea, I’ve been spending a happy day of cleaning, grocery shopping and.. Caring for plants! Yes, you heard me: Caring for plants! See, Tina is out of town like I mentioned and like me she owns a chili plant and a few herbs.. Coz, well, lets face it, plants are fun and as a poor student you could do with some “free” crops 😉 Anyways, these things don’t usually take well to living on their own for well over a week, so of course I agreed when she asked if I’d mind them for her.

Of course, as it turns out, this might be a bit of a harder task than I’d imagined.. Seeing as when I turned up, one basil plant was pretty much dead, the other dried out but on the other hand her chili was soaking wet.. Which leaves a guy, aka a member of the sex which is generally not known for their knowledge regarding plant care, with more than a few issues and decisions to make.. Err, so yea, after much initial panic, the chili was attempted drained, dead parts of various plants were snipped off, dry soil was watered and things were placed as warm and sunny as possible.. In the hope that they will still be alive once I return tomorrow to check on them, probably packing a bit of fertilizer to at least try to get the basil plants going again.. I suppose if they’re not alive, I’ll have to edit this post, buy new plants and pretend like nothing has happened.. But for now, I’m taking credit for the attempted rescuing effort! 😉

So, yea, once again not the most interesting of days, but this damn headache does take a lot out of me.. And with noone around these days owing to various festivals, vacations and what have you.. Well, a fella ends up pretty bored. At least I did get out for a bit and got to suffer a small heart attack from seeing the state of the plants I was supposed to watch over, but then redeeming myself in a heroic effort to save them.. We’ll have to see how that works out, I guess.. See what I go through for you, Tina? 😉


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