But it’s Wednesday?!

Was my honest and dignified response when Zascha, during one of our irregular phone conversation today, inquired why on earth I was acting all hung over.. Well, okay, maybe it’s not quite normal to be hung over on a Wednesday, but like so many things in my life, I didn’t mean for it to happen..

It was never written in the cards when I woke at the crack of noon on that fine Tuesday afternoon that I was to get shit faced and happy later that evening. As a matter of fact, I was rather worn out after sitting up till about 6 AM on the night (morning?) before, geeking around on the internet and chit-chatting with other creatures of the night. It all just sorta happened.. After I’d swung by Tina’s to check on her plants, I figured I’d also make the trip by Dunkel to pick up a couple of bottles of whisky I’d left after our little Saturday party.. And that’s where you’d think things started to take a turn for the worse.. And you’re quite right, but maybe not in exactly the way you think.. See, the whisky bottles did make it home safely (despite nearly being snapped out of my grasp by a rather intoxicated looking elderly gentleman).. Dunkel had something much worse in store for me than random consumption of expensive whisky: The inevitable return of my grand cousin, Mads! As it turns out, Mads was about to enter town looking for a party and Dunkel and I, being the loving friends/family that we are were of course happy to provide. First, I had laundry to take care of, though, and whisky to secure.. So I walked on home, emptied the washer, stashed my whisky on my whisky shelf (yea, I have one of those, too, now.. It’s all getting a little out of hand), picked up some beers, some ground beef and a bottle of absinth (as you do!) and headed back to Dunkel’s for another wild night out.

At Dunkel’s, the ground beef was turned into a batch of our now infamous and artery clogging double cheddar cheese lasagna, and the beers were put to good use as well. While eating we watched some of season Five of Family Guy and threw down some beers and/or drinks to gear up for the arrival of Mads who arrived not long after in quite a cheerful mood, as did Louise B whom I’d coaxed into believing that the only way to properly gear down after soccer practice was to get smashed with the boys.. Eh, made sense to me.. And to her, too, apparently.. Anyways, the four of us quickly launched into a fast paced drinking game which lasted for a good half hour before Louise and I both had to pull out after putting down one too many shots of various varieties much too quickly.

Luckily, at this time, Under, Robert and Anne also arrived – quite the crowd for a Tuesday, no? Anyways, they settled down and got around to drinking as well, the mood was joyful, there was much talking and random yelling and soon the 90’s classics were blasting from the sound system for some odd reason. I remember thinking that it was quite odd that a metal/punk freak as Dunkel had such an alarming array of dance classics, but I obviously didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, as I busied myself trying to arrange some get-together with Louise, the details (and point) of which I can’t for the life of me remember today.. Maybe because while this went down, Dunkel and I were nursing our new favorite activity: Mixing vodka and various candies, tasting as we went along.

As if that wasn’t enough, I pretty quickly got around to remembering that I had a bottle of absinth stocked in Dunkel’s freezer and being the irresponsible dumbasses that we were, we naturally had to play with it. Having possibly been made wiser from injuries of days gone by.. Or more likely just being plain lazy, we passed on the usual Bohemian absinth ritual of absinth, sugar and fire and took turns just taking sips from the bottle.. The lack of proper handling initially shocked and appalled Louise, but she must’ve come around because ultimately she impressed all of the boys, Mads included, by joining in and sipping 70% alcohol by volume absinth from the bottle.. Thus making her only the fourth in the crowd of seven to participate in this nonsense.. Yes, see that, Zascha? I admit to our absinth consumption not making any sense.. But as I told her on the phone today, the absinth had a horse on it, it had to be done!

And it worked.. I still think the effects of Czech Absinth has more to do with a high alcohol content than anything else, but it does make for a proper buzz.. Which lasted all night until we eventually staggered home one by one to find our beds.. Or well, I think I staggered a little more around than anybody else, because I initially walked Louise home and then found myself in a part of town I hadn’t been in since briefly stopping by during mine and Zascha’s summer evening walks of days gone by.. And on top of that I was sporting a pretty hefty buzz sparked by Czech Absinth, German Vodka, Swedish cider and Danish beer.. A Tour de Europe of alcohol so to speak which of course put me in a “Hey, I might be able to find a shortcut” kinda mood.. So rather than playing it safe and walking back to the main road and following that home, I went by various highways and byways, pathways and walkways and eventually found my way home in a much faster fashion than the main road would’ve taken me.. At least I’d love to think so, I didn’t time my attempt and nor did I have any perception of time at that state.. So who knows?

All I know, and all that matters, is that I found my bed, collapsed there and slept happily through the night and most of the next day.. Err.. Today, that is. When I did wake, I stumbled outside and took advantage of the summer sun for a few hours and rejoicing at the fact that my headache and would be sinus infection has apparently cleared, leaving me a much happier man with nothing but a hangover to worry about.. And even that wasn’t too bad on a beautiful day like today.


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