Well, the absinth is gone

.. and my apologies to Mads who was made painfully aware of this fact by drunken 1:30 AM phone calls very early this Friday morning.. Apparently such activities were a hell of a lot more fun to Dunkel, Robert and I than someone who was actually trying to get a good nights sleep..

On the other hand, Dunkel and I had spent Thursday night watching a couple of movies, emptying a half bottle of absinth during the first (The Heartbreak Kid) and constantly sipping White Russians during the latter (Horton hears a Who!).. Which meant that half way through Horton, the movie pretty much stopped making sense and we’d probably stopped making sense way before that.. Louise certainly didn’t seem too impressed with our intelligibility when we were leaning out the window, absinth glasses in our hands, waving at her on her way home from work and trying to talk her into throwing her pizza slice our way.. So I’m guessing that by the time 1:30 AM rolled around, we were pretty much gone.. About the last thing I remember is that Robert showed up around midnight-ish and I’m willing to bet that things only went downhill from there. At any rate, the next thing I remember for sure is waking up the next morning, somewhat in my bed, still dressed and sporting a headache that only large amounts of really cheap, strong alcohol could possibly produce.

As a result, I spent most of Friday in a daze, walking around, doing pointless things, taking care of Tina’s plants, sobering up at around 5 PM, doing some grocery shopping, having a stab at homemade corn tortillas for dinner.. Which was an interesting experience to say the least for someone who’s not used to making any kind of pancakes and suffering from a killer hangover to boot.. But I’d like to think that the result came out pretty good.. At around 8 PM, I started feeling really, really old when I still wasn’t showing many signs of improvement and Louise (who’s admittedly quite a few years younger than me) started texting me up, wanting to go out and get something to drink.. I dunno, it’s just sad to have to say no on account of having hit the hooch too hard the night before.. So I ended up winding away the night texting back and forth with Louise, alternating between doing chores and lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself.. Well, that and being pissed about a few Canadian friends getting to see NOFX in concert on this particular evening.. Blah!

Saturday was much better in terms of how I felt about myself, my body and life in general.. It wasn’t a hell of a lot more interesting than Friday, though.. I woke up before noon for a change and decided to redo the corn tortilla experiment for some breakfast tacos since I had a hell of a lot of toppings left and some eggs that were near expiry date as well.. This time, my experiment turned out much more successful but also much more time consuming as apparently it takes much longer to cook a batch of tortillas if you don’t waste half the batter on failed attempts.. Bah, well, in the end it was all worth it.. And I’ve loads of left over tortillas to use for funky experiments.. Such as.. Well, I dunno.. Nachos from scratch anyone?

After consuming my 12:30 breakfast tacos and bitching about the heat for a while, I wasted quite a bit of time wandering about downtown. I somehow thought the stores would be open past 2 PM on a Saturday, but I guess I was proven wrong.. So I got to spend a lot of time walking around pretty much without purpose.. Oh well, exercise is healthy, right? And the supermarkets were still open, so hey, I got some coffee and some Pepsi (caffeine ahoy!) and then called it a day, walked home, watched some TV, cooked dinner, crashed for a while before deciding that the stuffy, hot air in my apartment wasn’t really much fun to hang out in.. So another walk around town it was then.. I figured I’d pop through the old shopping arcade thing downtown that my grandparents used to own to see if there was anything going on.. Well, not much, it turned out. I did meet Louise and her girlfriends who were out for some sort of bachelorette party thing and apparently pretty well liquored up as anyone of them but Louise could’ve sworn they’d met me earlier that day which I found more than a little hard to believe.. Anyways, I congratulated the bride to be, wished the girls a good, happy evening and pressed on, intending to just get a soda somewhere and then return home..

A plan that went somewhat well all things considered.. Because as I walked by one of the clubs downtown, I saw one of my friends from KFC Support standing around outside. Thinking that this was a bit of a weird place to be at 8 PM, I walked up to say hi and found out he was throwing a private party at said club and really, REALLY wanted me to join him.. The conversation went something along the lines of this:

Martin: Dude, you gotta come on up!

Johan: Umm.. I don’t think so..

Martin: You have to! I’ll buy you a beer.

Johan: No, really, I don’t..

Martin’s friend: Sure you do.. I’ll buy you one as well..

Johan: I really don’t know, guys..

Martin: And I’ll buy you another..

Johan: Well, boys, looks like we have a party to go to!

So, I went on up, had a few beers on Martin, checked out the place.. and pretty quickly found out why they were so anxious to have me join them.. The place was pretty much desserted and not even the bartenders looked a day over 18.. Oh well, stayed a while out of politeness and actually had a pretty good time talking to Martin and a couple of his friends.. Heck, they even guesstimated me as being somewhere around 23 years of age which sadly is somewhat of a big compliment these days.. Sadly, even if I were 23, I’d probably still be the oldest person in the crowd and I didn’t know anybody either, so I pretty quickly retreated downstairs, talked with Martin for a bit and then headed off, grabbing a soda on the way as I’d promised and headed home.. For another quiet weekend evening on the couch.. Which is probably for the better seeing as I’ve got a full week of working 8 AM – 1 PM at GLS ahead of me.. Man, I’ve no friggin clue how I’m ever supposed to get up before 7 AM.. That’s like an hour after I usually get to bed.. Wish me luck!


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