It’s those little things in life

.. that make the real difference. Like, you wouldn’t believe how much of a better start your day can get off to if you don’t kick it off with little incidents like, say, a bird pooping on your head. Also, a good night’s sleep really helps brighten the day so while I’m still by no means an expert at getting to bed early, my five odd hours of sleep really helped make for a much better day today than yesterday, and so I arrived at work somewhat happy and rested at 8 AM this morning.. And speaking of work, it actually wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. I even managed to keep up with the load, processing some 800 shipments in my five hours there and even being let out five minutes early because I’d finished all my work.. Woohoo!

After bailing the hell out of work and jumping on my bike for a short ride, I found myself downtown for the first major chore of the day, securing a free (warranty) repair of Zascha’s black skirt which had torn during normal wear. I was chosen for this bold mission because a) I’m awesome, b) Zascha’s in Brussels, so mailing me the skirt and receipt was a lot easier than her flying home and taking matters into her own hands, and c) I’ve spent too much damn time shopping with the girls that my face (and crazy comments) is about as known in their favorite store as their pretty faces.

Upon entering the store and presenting the skirt to Theresa, the clerk and repair meister, she sighed, smiled and uttered the comment “What’d Tina tear now?”, I laughed and replied that for a change, Tina hadn’t done anything to her clothings, to which she in turn laughed and said something along the lines “oh, what’d Zascha do, then?” .. Which made her assistant clerk shoot us a few weird looks and made me think that maybe I have in fact been spending way too much time at a women’s clothing store.. In the end I ended up just laughing it off and giving her the quick low down of the situation which she admitted explained a lot. Still, I didn’t leave quite without controversy, though, as she needed a name and phone number for the repair slip, and seeing as Zascha was in Brussels and not of much use, I figured I’d just put down my name and number.. Not really realizing that the info was to be attatched to the skirt and sent to the designer for possible repair or replacement; a fact that even I had to admit, to the sound of roaring laughter from the other people at the store, would probably look a little suspicious to the uninitiated.

Ahem, anyways, yea.. The promised to do whatever they could for the poor girl within a reasonable time frame and I walked on into the beautifully sunny day, shooting Zascha a message to let her know I’d set the ball rolling. She ended up calling me up in return and we ended up chatting for the next half hour or so where I amongst other things gave her the play by play of my walk home, including the controversy of how I tried to snake my way through hordes of shoppers, road side fruit stands, parked and moving cars and what have you with my bike.. Yea, coming to think about it, I don’t really know anyone but Zascha and I who can spent minutes, even hours on the phone talking about pretty much nothing at all.. But eh, that’s how we roll, gotta love those free phone calls and the joy of hearing a prodigal friend’s voice.

Once home, we threatened for a while to terminate or conversation and after about ten minutes we finally did after which I attacked the dishes, ate some lunch, laid down on the couch to watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen US (so sue me! Gordon Ramsay just so happens to crack me up) .. and promptly passed out, waking up dazed and confused some two hours later, just in time to heat up the oven, insert my leftover dinner and watch an episode of The Thirsty Traveler (I so want Kevin Brauch’s job!) while waiting for it to reheat.. Then consuming said dinner during the daily two hour Simpsons showdown.. Mmm.. Good times! 🙂

Just hope I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight after all of this.. Heh.


2 responses to “It’s those little things in life

  1. jb! The comments that could be made in #eg about this skirt episode. It would’ve been excellent.

  2. Holy shinto… Edge!! True.. Most excellent to say the least! Funny how, even after 6+ years, poking fun of my sexuality, Pud’s way with the ladies, der’s chances of ever getting laid, Gaz’s draino drinking ways as a kid or moo’s fatassedness just never gets old..

    Ah how I miss those good, old days..

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