This may shock you..

I hade ice cream yesterday! There, said it, it’s out of the way, don’t be alarmed, lets get on with the post.. Ahem, right, okay.. To those wondering why I wanted to get that out of the way first, I guess you just don’t know me well enough.. See, I’m the kinda guy that has ice cream maybe once or twice a year – if even – and as such, stories of me consuming ice cream can come as somewhat of a shock to those who know me well.. Like poor Tina who, by the sound of it, nearly fell out of her chair with surprise when I told her yesterday.. So, in fearing that others may exhibit the same reaction in the middle of this post, causing them to miss valueable information, I thought I’d just get it out of the way first.

Alright? Shall we move on then? Wednesday started like the other days of this week – much too early. After getting up and spending about an hour walking around in a daze and getting ready for work, I jumped on my bike and headed out.. Apparently a little too late, as I soon received a text message from Louise B who had apparnetly passed me on the way and was now poking fun of me for being seemingly late.. I had the last laught, though, as I not only had a chance to defend myself in text conversation on my way to work, but also made it there with a full minute to spare.. So hah! 😛

Ahem, anyways, Wednesday was actually my best day at work thus far.. Time pretty much flew and I made it through my pile of work with time to spare.. Interestingly enough while texting back and forth with Louise B and Tina on the side.. It was quite a messed up working day, too, featuring such frolics as my colleague Kent trying to cut off my pony tail using dinner knives and, failing in doing so, taking to drumming on the table with said knives while four or so of us sang a most beautiful rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Return To Sender”.. Ermm, yea, so apparently GLS is a pretty funny place to be at times.

Anyways, 1 PM arrived soon enough and I was quickly out of the door, on my bike and zooming off towards the shopping center to browse around for a while, looking for stuff to put on my wish list for my birthday. A task that I failed miserably at. I never was good at this whole wishing for something kinda thing. So here’s a quick tip if you ever need to buy me a present, don’t ask me what I want coz I’ll hurt myself trying to think of something – just go on out and pick something up for me and I’ll either love it, or love you for it because you because of your effort.. Alternatively, if you’re a guy and not too keen on the whole man love thing, you can just get me booze in which case I’ll promise to fork out a drink for ya! I’m sidetracking again, huh?

So, yea, that didn’t go well and I was soon on my bike, heading on. On my way home, I swung by Tina who was busying herself tip-toeing around in a pretty summer skirt and a sun top while vacuuming, cleaning drains and sorting out her mess. When I inquired about why she needed to be all prettied up for her summer cleaning, she produced a somewhat coherent rant about dirtying up all her clothes at this year’s Roskilde Festival – at which point I just took to nodding and pulling some bread out of my bag, helping myself to some supplies from her fridge and having myself some lunch while she continued to buzz around the place.

An hour and a half or so later, having had a good talk, a few good laughs and having helped with dishes, laundry and a spare tire (?), I excused myself and moved on as Tina’s girlfriend Louise (Ah, another Louise, the plot thickens!) showed up. Not because I don’t like Louise, but more because I felt bad for being the proud owner of a messy home while Tina was franticly cleaning her’s.. So I figured I’d go home and take care of my own mess.. A task which went reasonably well. I mean, I made it almost a third of the way home before Louise B texted me and asked if I’d be interested in going out for ice cream to celebrate the good weather.. And well, ice cream and good company beats cleaning, right? Besides, while I don’t usually eat ice cream, I’m a huge fan of the whole process of going out, getting good ice cream and wasting away a few hours or so in the sun eating ice cream and talking about everything and nothing.. So it was a pretty easy call: Of course I’d be interested!

Consequently, I stashed my bike away somewhere and went on off in the direction I believed Louise to be living in (damn absinth!) which turned out to actually be the right direction because not long after, I walked into Louise who looked a little wobbly from sleeping all day which I guess complimented my looking wobbly from working all day, and together we headed on towards downtown, chatting and cracking jokes.

Getting hold of ice cream turned out a little hard than expected.. After a brief discussion on where to go, we settled on a place which was then again pretty quickly abandoned as we found it to be overrun with kids.. And well, we don’t like those! So we moved on and eventually decided on this Italian ice cream parlor place which Louise held to be pretty good and were rumored to serve up awesome liqorice  ice cream.. This almost turned out to be a much worse choice as the square outside the parlor was overrun with people, kids, gypsies, tramps and thieves.. Even a fucking gospel choir.. A combination which spawned an odd mix of phobias, anger and annoyance in both of us, but staying close and keeping our thoughts on ice cream, we managed to push through, enter the parlor, purchase ice cream and backtrack as fast as possible.

I guess that the most positive aspecs of this whole experience was that we certainly didn’t lack stuff to talk about after this as seeing so many born again Christians on stage all at once had stirred a whole host of feelings in both of us and it wasn’t long before we were heavily bashing evangelism, organized religion and Jehova’s Witnesses all while my ice cream cone melted all over my hand much to the amusement of everybody in the party but me. In total, I guess we spent a good hour and a half or so walking aroud and talking about this and that before we made our goodbyes and headed our separate ways to both attempt to clean up our homes.. And arguably, that led to the worst part of my day. Cleaning just isn’t any fun at all, neither is going to bed early on a nice summer day.. But apparently that’s what I have to do these days. And even while attempting to go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, I’m guessing I’m still not getting enough sleep because as it happened, I woke up at 7:25 this morning, almost a full hour later than I’d bargained for and some 35 minutes before having to be at work.. So It was a busy morning, believe you me.. But I did make it to work, only five minutes late.. Following one of the more hectic rides in my bike riding career.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details about my day because Lord knows I’m getting bored just thinking about it.. Suffice to say it wasn’t the most interesting of days.. I am looking forward to tomorrow, though.. My last working day of the week.. wOOt!


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