Fishies? What!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I occasionally make pretty weird arrangements when drunk.. Over the years, this has caused me to do various odd things such as joining a band, becoming vegan for a week, light people on fire and various other things.. And it looks like we can now add “become animal owner” to the list of weird arrangements made while wasted.. Well, animal keeper anyways.

See, what had happened was that while throwing down a few beers (or twelve) with Louise B, Dunkel and the rest of the gang, Louise suddenly ran into a number of problems with various people which left her in a situation where she’d be going away on vacation in a week and having no one to look after her poor fish while she was gone… Well, long story short and me being ever the gentleman, I’m now looking at a fish bowl sitting on my desk with two little fishies zooming about, picking up pebbles from the bottom with their little mouths and dropping them back down, all for the hell of it.. Which, I must admit, amuses me greatly due to the pointlessness of the whole thing.

So, that was a bit of an unexpected twist, but other than that, the night went pretty smoothly and well what with Dunkel, Champ and I meeting up, lighting up a fire and BBQing a roast and some sausages. Louise eventually joined us for dinner after she’d finished work and a bit later, Penny showed up as well, packing his usual Morgan and Coke as well as some miniature bottles of booze including some schnapps, he pretty quickly regretted bringing as about half of it pretty quickly wound up in his mixed drink at the hands of a tipsy Johan looking for trouble.

After partying and drinking for a while, the boys decided that they wanted to go out and have a look at the town. Louise and I really couldn’t be bothered, so I kiddingly asked Dunkel if we could just stay behind and chill at his place – to which he surprisingly just replied “sure!” and so we did, having a few beers, talking, listening to some music and eventually staggering home for a bit of sleep.. And when I say a bit of sleep, I do mean a bit of sleep. I ended up suffering from some pretty bad nightmares and thus not really sleeping well. On top of that, I had to get up much earlier than I’d have liked on account of Louise showing up with her fishies..

Which she did, fashionably late, of course.. And not without drama as she had to call me at the 11th hour asking which house number I lived in again. Something I laughed a lot at owing to the fact that she’d been so dead on certain the night before that she knew where I lived and would be able to remember the house number as she “worked for the postal service.” .. Apparently you can work for the post all you like, but it’s still not gonna make it easier to remember an address after 12 beers. So, after some initial confusion and a few words of advice, I was left with myself and a few fish to fend for as Louise rushed off to return her mother’s car which she’d borrowed for the exchange.

As it turns out, fish are pretty damn interesting after a night out of heavy drinking and much time was spend watching their weird behavior before I eventually passed out on the couch for a few hours of much needed, nightmare-less and peaceful sleep. Saturday night I’d been invited over to Jakob’s by Jakob and Tina as they were apparently trying to round up a few people for beers and random fun.. I ended up showing up pretty late because things didn’t really pan out quite as I’d expected. Mid-afternoon, I received a text message from Louise who were a little upset because a friend she was supposed to spend the evening with had apparently made other plans – she then, naturally, wanted to hear if I was up for something. I, in turn, contacted Jakob and asked if it was okay that I brought Louise with me and when he agreed, Louise and arranged that since she was in the neighborhood after all, she could pop by my place after dinner and we could have a beer and then walk on down to Jakob’s..

Sounded simple enough, yea? Well, one thing kinda led to the other and one beer led to another while we got caught up watching a Top Gear special on TV. After being a little shocked about how late we were running, we quickly packed up here, walked on down to a gas station and picked up some more beers, darted back to Louise’s for her to change and then down to Jakob’s where people were by now starting to wonder where the hell we were and what on earth we were doing.. Sorry, Tina!

Our entrance at Jakob’s (or mine anyways) was nothing less that shocking. Entering the premises, I spotted a can of Harboe beer on the table – the only beer in the world that I rightfully hate. Upon inquiring who on earth would be drinking something like that, I was told that said beer belonged to Martin who was off in the other room smoking. Excusing myself, I went into the other room, walked up to Martin and proceeded to promptly bitch slap him for drinking bad beer.. A greeting which was about as well received as you’d imagine. He promptly started yelling at me, questioning my mental state and for a second, I thought he was actually gonna sock me back which thankfully he didn’t and after some frantic apologizing, shrugging and explaining on my behalf, he calmed down and actually started to look okay again.. After I offered up some beer, he actually started looking downright happy.. Pretty soon we were back to joking around, talking and making fun of eachother.

The night was all in all actually pretty damn good. Beers were had, good conversations as well. There was absinth, laughs, repeated outcries of “FAGGOT TERRORIST!”, even a spelling bee at some point.. I think I may have even managed to lose a case of beer in a spelling-related bet which would just be ridiculous because everybody knows I just can’t spell too well. Oh, and I also finally got a video that I wanted off Tina’s phone of Campino from Die Toten Hosen monkeying about on stage at Rock Im Park, climbing up stuff and what not.. Yay, thanks! Speaking of Tina, I think I agreed to publicly give her credit for something, but I forget what.. Sorry, babe, you might have to remind me 😛

Eventually people decided that they wanted to go out. I tagged along for the walk just to see what happened but since I’d managed to leave my money at home (huh?) I wasn’t expecting much to come from it. We eventually settled on a cafe and sat down.. I thought I was maybe gonna be able to cash in a drink from someone who owed me or something, but apparently the table was more in the mood for sharing a bottle of booze. The pick of the night was Cap’n Morgan and Coke and apparently it all went out of Jesper’s pocket. While Jesper did offer me drinks, I thought it kinda wrong that he should be paying for my drinks, especially when I’m not a big fan of Cap’n Morgan anymore and just plain can’t stand Coca Cola.. So I left the others to finish the bottle and walked on home for what turned out to be another round of much needed sleep.

All in all a not too shabby weekend once again which sure left me beat and broken today, though. I’ve esentially been suffering from a bad hangover all day and the only moving about I’ve really done has been to cook dinner and to move from my couch to Dunkel’s couch.. And the most positive thing to happen to me today was to find one of Louise’s beers in Dunkel’s fridge. A beer which helped ease much of the pain and hardships of my hangover.. Yum!


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