One lucky bitch!

I don’t usually luck out.. But when I do, I do so properly.. The last few days have been a perfect example.. As if scoring a ticket for Iron Maiden wasn’t good enough.. How’s about having a private chauffeur for a few days and even getting out of work on a Thursday? “Wha?”, you say? Yus, it’s all rather complicated..

See, I was supposed to work Thursday night and thus didn’t have anything planned for the day. I set off for work at a decent hour and even have time to stop to chat with an old colleague who I just happened to run into on the way. As I part ways with my colleague, I check my phone (as you shouldn’t do when riding your bike, but eh..) and notice a message from Louise B. As it turns out, she’s just arrived back from Berlin, have had a really rotten day and was feeling really down and just wanted to hang out for the evening. Of course I just happened to be on my way to work, so I had to shoot back that I regretfully couldn’t do that..

I arrive at work a few minutes later and check in to see how things are going, asking my boss if there’s any chance of anything happening tonight (the place being generally dead during the summer holiday).. When he says no, I naturally (and jokingly) start bitching about being stuck here with nothing to do when a 20-year old girl wants to hang out for the evening and asking if he’d any idea about how seldom such requests occur for me. At the very same time, a message arrives from Louise, telling me to tell my boss that he’s a bad, bad person and that she said for him to send me home. My boss then laughs, shrugs and tells me to get the F out of there and go have fun.

As if that wasn’t enough, when I get back out it’s raining so Louise quickly writes back asking if I needed a lift. Having worked hard on not being too proud to accept a favor and since we’re apparently going looking for junk food, I agree, and not ten minutes later Louise arrives in her father’s kick ass BMW station car which admittedly made my jaw drop for a few minutes.. I mean, I’d trade my couch for those leather seats any day.. Mmm.. But I digress.. We shot off to McDonald’s for a quick dinner in their newly refurbished restaurant settings which confused the hell out of us for a while and then decided to go rent a movie and just kick back and relax for the evening as we had a road trip to make the next day and didn’t quite feel like going out and getting wasted only to make the trip with a hangover.. Umm, no thanks! (though I do apologize to our pub crawling friends for not joining up – it’d have ended in an ugly way)

Louise had been ranting and raving a lot about “No Country For Old Men” and I was admittedly getting curious, so we ended up renting it and heading home to my place for a movie night.. And it was good. The movie was actually pretty awesome with plenty of unmotivated violence and killing which is always a good thing in my book and a good story and acting to back it all up.. Good times! Following that one, we attempted to watch Snatch, but poor Louise was nodding off after a long, bad day which had apparently started at around 6:30, so at around 1 AM we decided it was probably best to watch the rest of the movie some other day and send her home. Something I was none too happy about as she seemed very, very sleepy and reeling by that time and the prospect of her driving home wasn’t really too comforting.. But the young lady stood her ground and drive home she did – and luckily did send me a text message to say she’d made it before passing out.

Definitely the weirdest work day ever, but in a pretty good way, I reckon.. Life has been surprisingly good to me lately, I keep expecting things to change any day now 😉 And by the way, I apologize for running so late on the updates, it’s kinda been a busy weekend.


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