The Great road trip of 2008, part the second

There’s more than one direction in which to road trip. This was something that was decided in a drunken haze at a party at Dunkel’s one wild night, and consequently the reason why Louise and I last Friday morning (okay, last Friday at 1 PM) decided to set course for Germany.

Originally the trip was supposed to have involved the motley crew of Dunkel, Tina, Louise and I but various complications such as a pub crawl the night before and the ever occurring triumph of metal over road trips (Dunkel had to record a few tracks with his drummer), the end of it all was that Louise and I set out alone, packing shopping lists for the lot of us.. So, yea, anyways..

Louise arrived at around 1-ish in true private chauffeur fashion, sending me a text message stating “your carr is waiting outside”, again making me feel like something of a spoiled bastard as I put on my shoes and headed outside to claim a hug and a comfy seat.. I think by now my house mate must be pretty confused with the various pretty girls picking me up in anything ranging from Fords over VW’s to BMW’s.. But what’s a boy to do? But. once again, I digress. We buckled up and headed off going east and flipping through Louise’s dad’s CD collection which included a few flops (ABBA, anyone?) and a few hits as well (U2 and Phil Collins). It quickly became apparent that Louise has a real need for a speed and with a brand new BMW at her disposal, things pretty quickly got interesting. I, on the other hand, had always thought diesel cars were a bit on the slow side.. But apparently they have Turbo Diesel cars now.. And apparently ze Germans know a thing or two about how to make turbo chargers kick in all fast like.. Lets just say the car could move and we enjoyed every minute of it, chatting as we went along and making fun of everything and everyone.

I’d love to say that the weather was on our side, but if I did, I was lying.. And I’m more well known for my ability to exaggerate than I am for my lying ways.. So I’ll just be truthful and say that the weather took a pretty good shot at kicking our ass and making us turn around.. But we pressed on even when it was pretty much impossible for us to look out the wind shield. We eventually reached the last exit before the border and took a shart right. This sudden change of direction confused me for a while as I was used to taking an exit further north, but figured that Louise knew what she was doing, especially since she was going on and on about her superior sense of direction and how it usually never let her down – at least not until that very moment where incidentally she completely lost track of where she was – or which country she was in for that matter – and was looking to make a stop at a border store.. Which, I suppose was okay, only we were still in Denmark so I quietly ventured a “Umm, sweety, don’t you think we should maybe get to Germany before we pull over to do any shopping? It might save us a buck or two..” This made Louise completely crack up with laughter and we ventured on for another couple of kilometers where I made sure to point out the large “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” sign marking that we were now officially in Germany all while Louise was cursing her loud-mouthed bragging about her sense of direction.. Good times.. We then pulled over at the nearest store to do some serious shopping.

And by serious shopping, I do mean serious shopping.. We each got a shopping cart and ended up picking up something like 4 cases of cider, 4 cases of soda, 17 cases of beer, 4 kilos of wine gum, four bottles of booze and 200 colorful plastic cups hat.. Well, just happened to catch our eyes and reminded us of frat parties in American teen movies. Incidentally I happened to get the shopping cart which wasn’t working properly and thus had problems turning this made for good entertainment for Louise who got to kick back and watch as I realized I’d forgotten a couple of cases of beer for Tina and had to sprint back all the way across the store, trying my best to cut corners at full speed, turn properly and not smash into anything or anyone.. I, on the other hand, wasn’t enjoying myself too much.

As we paid or whopping total of something in the vicinity of DKK 2500 for our goods and returned to the car, we were suddenly feeling pretty happy that only the two of us had made the trip.. Essentially our goods filled not only the trunk but also much of the space that would have otherwise been taken up by Dunkel and Tina.. Ooops! But oh well, after an hour or so of shopping, we set sail north again, Louise’s foot pushing a little harder on the gas this time around.. When we managed to hit the motorway anyways. Our first 30 minutes were spent in traffic just trying to cross the border and pass through a small town to get to the motorway.. Once we did hit the motorway, things went a lot smoother, before we spotted a couple of Golden Arches which sent us up the nearest exit and in their general direction.. Luckily for us, when we did locate the damn illusive McDonald’s restaurant, we saw a sign right next to it reading “Burger King 100 meters” and needed no convincing to press on for another 100 meters.

So, yea, that was it.. My abstinence from big, greasy burgers lasted a full five days before a Double Whopper Cheese meal got in the way.. But I do have a thing for whoppers.. and I’m by no means about to be outdone by a girl so if she’s gonna order a super sized double whopper cheese meal, I’m up for the challenge.. And guess who won? No, not Louise.. Me damnit! Though she claimed she could’ve kept eating but just didn’t want to because she found real fries in her twister fries.. Bah, humbug, I say! 😛 Anyways, once fat and happy from our ridiculously large meals, we moved on, road tripped all the way back to Kolding, delivered Dunkel’s part of the loot to his apartment and then went back to my place with my part of the loot (which nearly fit in the mess that was my apartment). Here we took a bit of a break and decided to have another go at watching Snatch, feeling a little more up for the challenge this time.

After this welcome break, Louise went home for about an hour or so to deposit her goods and get changed.  She then returned and together we moved her fishies to her ex-boyfriends apartment for another short vacation before we went by way of Louise’s (apparently she now needed to change shoes) to Champ and Svart’s place where we were apparently about to party our asses off for the evening.. And that’s pretty much what we did. Pretty soon Einar, his brother, Dunkel and a friend, Tommy, Penny, Iben and others arrived.. Beers were had, people were screwed over, the Nintendo Wii got into play and eventually objects and various pieces of clothing were flying left and right as chain dancing ensued.. It all really was kinda messy.. One moment I was wearing Svart’s shirt has he was dancing around only wearing leggins and the next moment, Dunkel, Louise and I were in the kitchen eating popcorn UB and leggings style.. At some point there was whiskey and singing, too, and eventually things just got a little too weird and twisted and since most of the party had gone either home or downtown anyways, we decided we needed to intervene and put a stop to things, so Svart and Champ went to bed, Louise crashed on the couch and I walked (or staggered) Iben home before eventually dragging my own sorry ass home and going to bed.. At around 5:45 AM judging by text message logs retrieved on the day after.. Epicness!


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