Gots some catching up to do..

Y’know, it seems that even though I’ve had absolutely nothing planned for the last couple of weeks, I’m still running around and doing so many crazy things that it’s hard for me to keep up with updates around here. I suppose I’ll briefly try to sum everything up for the sake of just getting somewhat up to speed before another hopefully busy weekend.


When we last left our hero (ie me), I was passed out drunk after a pretty crazy Friday, I do believe. And crazy it must have been, because I was still feeling the effects of last night’s escapades when I got up on Saturday which Is probably why I did the only reasonable thing to do. After lying on the couch for about an hour feeling sorry for myself and texting back and forth with people, I grabbed some bacon, eggs, sausages and most importantly beer and headed down to Dunkel’s to cook up some breakfast and postpone our hangovers by tearing into another binge. Once there we tore right into the beers while cooking bacon and sausages, scrambling eggs and what have you. We then sat down for a few movies and were eventually joined by Kent from downstairs who stopped over for a beer and a laugh.

At some point, supplies were running low and seeing as we weren’t really stocked up for dinner either, I was sent out to obtain more alcohol for myself and dinner for Dunkel and I. Thus I was given charge of Dunkel’s VISA which was pretty awesome. Since I was the proud loser of a bet with Louise and Martin over a case of beer, I initially went home for a 24 pack of beer and then some, then zoomed by the local super market on the way to pick up some minced meat and other essentials for dinner. As I returned to Dunkel’s, I started work on dinner which consisted of lasagna with a rather alarming cheese to meat ration which was eventually consumed while watching a few episodes of American Dad. We’d just enough time for food coma to really set in before we were joined by Louise who was happy to see a 12 pack with her name on it waiting for her and joined us for another few episodes of American Dad while we waited for the skies to clear so we could move on to a party that Jakob and Tina were hosting at Jakob’s place. The skies did eventually clear and we did eventually convince Dunkel to stop listening to DJ Ötzi so we could move on.

We arrived at Jakob’s in true drunken fashion and things didn’t sober up much from then on as we were met by Michael, Einar, a very tired Tina, Jakob.. And quite possibly other people as well. Tommy and friends, Daphne and date plus others eventually joined and things once again spun out of control quickly. It was a good night, really, though I tried too hard to be too many places at once and thus ended up being a prick to Tina who really needed my attention at one point.. I can honestly say I didn’t fully notice until the day after how much of an idiot I’d been which of course prompted me to apologize.. Other than that, I had good fun playing various drinking games (“name that porn genre”, anyone?), talking to people and throwing down a few cold ones.. Martin, the proud winner of the other 12-pack I lost in my stupid betting ways, by the way never showed (due to illness) so around 2 AM, Louise and I were pretty shocked to see that we’d split not only my beers, but also Louise’s 12-pack and most of Martin’s as well.. Essentially most of a 30-pack between the two of us. At the realization of this, Louise suddenly started feeling pretty darn tired and drunk, so, after inquiring whether or not I should walk her home, I ended up supporting her down to street level and making sure that she was on her feet and well on the way, before zooming up and rejoining the party.

At this point, Tina, Daphne and others were leaving as well. Tina was kind enough to leave me with half a jumbo bottle of Leffe Brune which I shared with Dunkel before he too gave in. In the end, only Jakob, Michael, Einar and I remained, drinking the remainder of the beers, sipping on Jack Daniels and Coke, talking about this and that, the flowers and the bees, tits and tats and what have you.. Eventually we gave in and left for home by way of a downtown kebab place. Somehow we’d managed to get Michael so drunk that he was not only babbling incoherently about everything and nothing – no he also insisted on paying for not only his own food but also mine and Einar’s.. Who were we to complain? Lights out finally arrived at around 4:45 for me. Don’t you just love when you have to check phone or MSN logs to know what time you came home at?


Sunday was the day that I properly realized just how bad an idea postponing hangovers can really be. I wasn’t feeling too bad when I woke up, nor did I feel too bad when I was walking around, showering and whatever. It wasn’t till I decided to meet up with Dunkel at our friendly neighbourhood super market and get some food for a day of hangovers, movies and what have you that things really started kicking in. After a shopping session during which I wasn’t at all functioning properly, we went back to Dunkel’s for some lunch which consisted of two rolls with cheese each.. Enough to knock me down and send me reeling for the rest of the day and evening. I spent all day lying stretched out on one of Dunkel’s couches, groaning my way through Deep Rising and Harry Potter. During the last half of Harry Potter, I mustered all of my cooking skills and made dinner which came to be by me punching a hole in a bag of frozen chicken pieces, pouring in a ready made BBQ marinade, shaking the bag and pouring its contents into the oven.. Woo!

I even had time to briefly step out for some fresh air and a nice phone conversation with Tina which not only brought a few questions to rest, but also proved really nice coz it was the first time in a long time I’d gotten to talk to her properly. At least in a semi-sober and attentive state. Once back inside, I ate however much dinner I could which damn well nearly killed me again, then sunk back into the couch to watch Cloverleaf and feel sorry for myself some more. By the time the movie ended, it was about time for Dunkel to hit the hay and me to walk my way home which proved a demanding challenge but was made somewhat easier by a guardian angel in the shape of Louise who’d heard my cries of anguish and prompted me to drop by her place in the way home. I did and she immediately darted down on the street and met me with a sympathetic hug and a Pepsi straight out of the fridge.. What a sweetie.. And yes, I do realize I’m spoiled beyond belief.

The Pepsi and the walk home took care of most of the remaining hangovers and following a midnight snack, I was finally pretty much hangover free by the time I went to bed.. I suppose that’s what I get for not acknowledging the fact that I’m dragging around a 27 year old body by now.


I really do not dig Mondays much anymore.. Monday it was raining.. A lot.. And I had to go to the downtown library to pick up a book for Tina’s friend Louise (I sometimes wish parents would be more creative in their naming schemes).. Which wasn’t fun at all, except hey, I got to go to the library for the first time and make a fool out of myself.

I also got to spend like three hours going out to my mom’s and helping her with some computer issues, a task which is never much fun because she expects me to know not only everything about Windows XP (which I certainly don’t, having never used it unless forced to in exam situations), but also everything there is to know about her particular problem.. Sigh.. On top of that I spent a few hours listening to her bitching about how my grandma was always bitching too much about her life, then tearing into a bitching rant of her own about her life followed by countless questions about the whereabouts of my family members that she knows full well I don’t have any ties with anymore.. She eventually let me go only to allow me to return home and rest for a few before calling me up with a long slurred, crying rant about how things had gone wrong from her attempting to do something I’d warned her against earlier and how I wasn’t being very supportive and attentive to her problems and what have you.. She ended up demanding I returned the next day and fixed more of her damn problems to which I responded with a rare case of raising my voice and hanging up on her.

After that my evening was pretty much ruined.. I felt grumpy, brooding, was deeply immersed in thoughts of the not very happy kind and was generally just feeling like shit. Two things served to make it better, though, one was Louise calling me up from a place three hours up north in the middle of fucking nowhere to share the idiotic tale of her and a friend road tripping up there to spent time at her dad’s summer home only to realize they’d forgotten the damn keys. At first I didn’t find it very funny at all till I heard laughter in her voice and realized they were both pretty amused by the fact and that Louise in true socialist fashion just wanted to share the fun.. Following this realization it was kinda hard not to laugh despite my mom being an ass to me and my day having been utter crap.

The other good thing that happened was that Tina returned home from a trip out of town and so we decided to head out for a nice, long evening walk together at 11 PM-ish during which we both got to bitch about things in our life and I got to spent a great deal of time getting things off my chest and getting some input about possible solutions for the messed up state of things which I truly enjoyed. I’d have enjoyed the whole thing more, had I not been in such a cruddy mood, but it was still good to just see her again and despite all the bad feelings, it was hard not to smile and laugh just a little from time to time. We eventually parted ways at 0:30-ish, I think and I walked the remainder of the way from Tina’s and home, making sure to not get in any fights on the way thought I did come close at one point because a couple of drunken idiots walking behind me were cracking one too many wiseass comments and insults that I was so not in the mood for.

I ended up eventually concluding that losing my temper, yelling back and getting in a fight with a couple of drunken idiots on a Monday night was a dumbass thing to do, so I kept quiet, didn’t look back and eventually made it out of harm’s way and back home for a very restless sleep.


A lot of things could probably be said about Tuesday, but I won’t. It got off to a bad start and pretty much stayed that way. I’d gone to bed early on the night before, thinking I’d just go to sleep and get the cruddy day over with. It didn’t work and I was still up by 2:30 AM when Louise wrote to tell she’d gotten home safely (from the mishap road trip) and to try and cheer me up a bit. I appreciated the effort and eventually just got a beer from the fridge and surfed around for a bit, waiting to pass out. I did at around 4:00 and slept pretty well until I was woken by a text from my mom at 5 AM saying that I shouldn’t come over that day but that Wednesday suited her well. I didn’t bother to reply that I didn’t feel like coming over at all, so I went back to nightmarish sleep for another few hours before just plain giving up.

For the first time in forever, I didn’t really have anything to do that day, so I spent most of the day to myself, trying to watch some TV and whatever which probably didn’t help to improve my mood which stayed bad for pretty much all of the day at least till around midnight where I finally decided that enough was enough and decided to find something better to do than to feel sorry for myself which I did, and Wednesday sure turned out for the better, much better.. But that’s another story now that I’m almost back on track.. Whew, four days in one post? No wonder I’m feeling pretty worn out..


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