Happy birthday to me!

Funny things these birthdays.. For the longest time now, I’ve been bitching about turning 27 in X number of days, weeks, months, whatever. Everybody, my younger and older friends alike, have been telling me not to worry about it, that age is just a number, that it wouldn’t hurt and whatever.. To which I of course replied something along the lines of “fuck you guys, I’m turning 27.. And it WILL hurt!” Well, the good news is that it didn’t hurt.. Not by a long shot.. It was more of a mild discomfort kinda thing which could be solely attributted to a wild Iron Maiden concert a few days earlier.. Matter of factly, this was one of my better birthdays in a long time – I only wish Zascha could’ve been here, but I hear she’ll be here shortly, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Things got off to an early start this year. My dad popped by briefly on the night before (the 28th) to drop off a few presents and while we were standing around in the driveway talking as he was about to leave, Louise arrived.. which made for a bit of confusion as we tried to guide my dad’s car out of the driveway and Louise’s into it all while minding passing traffic on the street and laughing at the absurd timing of the whole ordeal.. Car ballet just isn’t very pretty. Anyways, Louise and I had decided to hang out for the evening, have a few beers and try to ease my fear of turning 27.. This proved to be a very bad idea as Louise’s honor codex told her (and me) that I was not allowed to open my presents before the 29th.. Which in turn meant she had to stay until midnight because one way or the other, I was opening some damn presents that night!

And so she did. We hung out, talked, drank a few beers and at midnight, I opened my dad’s presents containing an AC/DC Collectors edition boxed set (fuck yeah!), a cookbook on beer and food (my dad must know me pretty well after all), a card and some extra money to go out and by myself something extra.. As if I hadn’t already been spoiled rotten.. Not a bad way of starting my birthday. We eventually wound up watching TV and chatting for a few hours.. Or a little more, actually.. Because suddenly the sun had risen, the clock had passed 4 AM and we both noticed we were pretty damn tired.. Oh well, bedtime it was then.. Not that I really got much sleep, after some initial struggling to fall asleep, I was woken by text message from my mom wishing me a happy birthday. Heart warming birthday greetings from Tina, Zascha and from my uncle arrived not long after, and from 9 AM and onwards, the messages just kept pouring in. Which was really touching in a borderline annoying kinda way because all I really wanted was to get some sleep but at the same time I was oh so pleased that people remembered my birthday.

At 10:30 AM, I just plain gave up, got up, showered and got dressed, trying hard not to make so much noise as to wake up Louise who’d crashed here instead of facing a 4:30 AM 30 minute walk.. Evidently, I shouldn’t have worried too much because when I roused her some 30 minutes later to tell her I was going to the store to pick up breakfast and some items for dinner, she raised her head, mumbled something along the lines of “Okay, I should probably go with you”, collapsed back down and went back to sleep within seconds. I guess I was on my own then.. I’d pretty much figured that much from the start anyways. So, off to the store I went then, picked up some veggies for dinner, some other essentials and then came across a special on eggs which let me to believe that the only reasonable thing to do was to cook bacon and (scrambled) eggs for breakfast.. Which I did as soon as I’d returned home to find a Louise who had somehow magically woken from her slumber.

After eating a midday breakfast of bacon, eggs and Pepsi, I sent Louise off as I knew my mom was due to pop by pretty soon. Having one parent question the appearance of unfamiliar women at my house was probably enough anyways.. I mean, not that anything happened between us that night, but my mom tends to kinda draw her own conclusions at times.. So yea..

My mother’s visit went better than could be expected. For the first time in years, we ended up not fighting on my birthday and noone was reduced to tears this year either which was good. She ended up staying for about an hour and a half, we had coffee, talked, ate some ice cream she’d brought and I opened my pressies: A Global pairing knife, Acqua di Gio deodorant and eau de toilette and a gift certificate.. Like, wow, really. After she left, I spent my longest alone time of the day (which amounted to about an hour) on walking down to my go to wine guy and picking up a bottle of Cava to serve to my guests before dinner that night. I then walked home, ate a quick and uninteresting lunch before Emelie arrived for a beer and to keep me company while I cooked dinner for the evening.

Cooking dinner on a day like my birthday proved a pretty bad idea, really. First of all, it was unbelievably hot as it was, but frying veggies, roasting peppers and tomatoes while working on a tomato juice/balsamic vinegar reduction, proved a lot more fun in theory than in real life and even with the beer to cool me down, I ended up sweating like a pig over the burners and the hot oven.. Gah! But hey, it was worth it! When Tina arrived at around 6:30 PM, the first thing she commented on was the smell (of the food, not me sweating like a pig) which was apparently wonderful. Me, I was a little too wound up to notice, but after being able to sit down and have a beer, I’d have to agree.

Christian arrived not too long after and beers were replaced with more suitable beverages, namely the above mentioned Cava as I rushed to get dinner ready while trying not to burn myself too bad. After some cursing, some panicking and a bit of luck, I succeeded and a good time was had by all while feasting on my wanna-be birthday dinner (the proper event is still in store for Zascha’s return). It was apparently pretty good as we managed to finish it all despite me having made the effort to actually produce more than I thought we’d be able to eat.. But then, that’s happened before, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

After dinner, we put into effect our great plan of getting ever so slightly hammered.. And succeeded pretty well in it. Emelie, sadly, wasn’t able to join us for very long as she had to get up for work at 5 AM the next day, but Christian and I stuck in there, Tina, too, to the extend that she could manage – poor thing having been up for work at much too early in the AM.. Still, she hung in there pretty good actually making it till around 0:45 AM before throwing in the towel and heading home. Since I’d promised her after her first glass of wine that I’d walk her home so she wouldn’t have to worry about staying sober, I kinda ended up paying for her cab ride home as I got caught in a conflict of interests between seeing her get home safely and drinking a few more beers with Christian.. So, yea, sending her on a cab ride home while throwing down a few more cold ones with Christian seemed the only reasonable, and cozy, thing to do.

Christian and I ended up drinking beers and talking about the ways of the world like in the good old days for another couple of hours before I simple grew too tired from lack of sleep to go on.. Or well, I probably could’ve gone on, but it’d have been ugly, very ugly.. So I decided to call it quits while I was still ahead of my game and Christian didn’t really seem to mind too much. I guess after a month or so in the states drinking pretty much daily, he, too, was feeling the strain.. But hey, by the time we called it quits at around 3 AM, my birthday celebrations had going for almost 30 hours straight, which I’m guessing isn’t half bad – especially not for an old fart such as myself.. Thanks to all of you who helped make this a great day. It was much appreciated!


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