A change in habits? (and diet)

As you can probably tell from the infrequent updates (sorry Tina!) to this blog, we’ve had a pretty good run over the last couple of weeks.. or three.. or four.. But all good things must come to and end, and I think that the great summer binge of 2008 is about to come to an end.. I mean, lets face it, I’m supposed to be 27 years old there comes a time when living life in the fast lane, using Allan Jackson’s “It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere” as an excuse for getting drunk on random Tuesday afternoons, wasting away the days and partying the nights away for weeks on end while living on a steady diet of Double Whopper Cheese Burgers, lasagna, pizza and Pepsi.. Well, it just gets to be a bit too much.

So, we tried something new the other day, we vowed to at least try and stop the madness. When even the 20-year old in the crowd has about had enough, it seems the reasonable thing to do. So, a couple of days ago, Louise and I both got out and bought a bunch of salad and veggies and stuff and vowed to try a bit of detoxing ourselves. Interestingly enough, I decided to get on the scale once I got home from my health trip to see just how those last couple of weeks had affected me and the results were downright shocking – over the last three weeks, I saw a 5 kilo change in my weight.. But even more shockingly not for the worse.. Well, depending how you look at it, I guess. My steady diet of beer and junk food made me LOSE 5 kilos which is a fuckload of weight if you’re only weighing in at 68 kgs (barely 150 lbs) to begin with.. So, I guess my advice to the people of the world is: If you wanna lose weight, eat more junk and drink more beers.. No, seriously, don’t do that..

Now, I’m left wondering how to put five kilos back on.. But that’s another post, I guess.. But yea, that was the whole detox thing.. Another thing I haven’t done for a while was paid labor which I honestly hadn’t missed too badly. But I did have my first work night in, what, three weeks last night and it did suck. It’s not like we had much to do for most of the night, but still.. The tasks I had weren’t very interesting.. How does stacking flat screens sound? 38 inchers do get heavy after a while, I’d like to add.. And seeing them by the tens or hundreds doesn’t make you feel much better about not owning one yourself either.. Bummer!

Speaking of flat screens, I once again took to cursing my small physical frame as we got into a bit of trouble with a 200 kilo pallet which came dangerously close to tipping as we were pulling it out of a trailer. Not wanting to damage the 46 inch display lodged right behind it, the only liable solution was to send the only one small enough, aka me, scaling over the rickety pallet, jumping onto the top of the flat screen display standing upright below it, and, balancing around up there for a while, using my very limited physical powers to push against the 200 kilo weight as we pulled it out.. Yea, the idea was about as idiotic and dangerous as it sounds but in a stroke of sheer, fucking luck nobody got injured.. Not even the pallet or the flat screen display.. And it made me feel pretty good afterwards because even if it was the only real thing I did for my money that day, it was stupid and dangerous enough to at least count for something 😉

After I’d struggled through a four hour shift and the prospect of having to do overtime that night (which luckily never happened), I jumped on my bike and rode on home where I crashed on the couch for a little before heading to bed at 3-ish.. Sleep was irregular as it apparently just is these days and I didn’t get too much of it. Not before after 5 AM anyways and even so, I kept waking up from the damn heat every 20 minutes or so.. Man, my bed must be cursed these days or something. I haven’t gotten a proper night’s sleep in it in, like, forever. Which, of course, leaves me in just the perfect mood for a day of much needed clean-ups around the apartment.. Should be fun.


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