Extended weekend, part 2

Lets see.. Where’d I leave you guys hanging? Saturday morning, right? Yea, I guess so.. Well, let me just tell you that Saturday mornings suck.. Especially early Saturday mornings.. Of the 9:30 AM variety. Next time I’m having people over, I’m sure as fuck remembering to pick up breakfast the day before so I won’t have to cut into my hard-earned (and much needed) beauty sleep in order to get up and buy/cook breakfast for people who need to be out the door by 11. But that’s how it goes, I guess. You live, you learn. And since I decided to get sloshed rather than procure breakfast, I had to face the consequences of my actions and get up extra early in order to see Zascha off properly.. Coz that’s just the nice kinda guy I am.. Under pressure anyways.

Following this early send-off, I seriously contemplated going back to bed, an idea I abandoned in favor of going out and buying some groceries for the night’s birthday dinner which I myself was in charge off. I opted for steaks served with baked potatoes, a red wine/cream pan sauce and various fried mushrooms.. Out of convenience mostly, as I was cooking out of Tina’s tiny, little kitchen and for once didn’t feel like spending hours slaving away on various dishes.. Of course, everything’s harder when you’re a bit tired and even shopping for such a simple meal seemed to take hours, especially seeing as I wound up having to go back to the store for cream which I promptly forgot the first time around, earning me a few weird looks from the cashier as I checked out for the second time, carrying only half a pint of cream.

With shopping, lunch, showering and what have you out of the way, I took to sitting down and watching some TV, something I wasn’t left to for very long as Zascha and Tina suddenly dropped by unexpectedly at around 3 PM to hassle me, show me the loot from their shopping trip, and try to talk me into watching Pride and Prejudice with them, something I promptly refused, citing the fact that it would be just plain wrong and besides, I was expecting Christian any time soon for a wee beer or two. Luckily, Christian arrived not too long after and saved me from the hardships of coming up with more excuses for not watching episode five (or whatever) of Pride and Prejudice. Instead, we all had a beer before gathering all the foodstuffs and various utensils needed and piling into Tina’s car for a short drive down to Tina.. Where we were met by Emelie who was waiting around for us to show up (fashionably late as always).

Once at Tina’s, I immediately popped the potatoes into the oven, thinking they’d need at least an hour in her small baby oven kinda thing. As it turned out two hours was more like it, but at least that gave us a lot of time to throw down a few beers and (as far as the girls were concerned) a few glasses of wine which rendered me just tipsy enough to properly do my kitchen magic. Tine eventually joined us as well, and by some sheer stroke of luck I managed to have dinner ready before 8 PM.. And for the record, working two cast iron skillets in a small, non-ventilated kitchen at the peak of the summer is about as much fun as it sounds.. But hey, at least the food was well-received.

After eating, and more drinks, we decided on one taking another round of one of our infamous Trivial Pursuit show-downs, pitting Christian and I against the teams of Emelie and Tina and Zascha and Tine.. See, the thing about Trivial Pursuit is that the Genius edition wasn’t too easy to begin with, add alcohol to the mix and things just start going wrong. Lengthy discussions are experienced over stuff you know jack shit about anyways while things you should know fully well just plain disappear from your scope of knowledge. In the end, Christian and I grew so upset with the other teams’ constant bickering about everything, that we just made up our own subjects for discussion every time a question came up for us.. Such as whether copper vaccines existed or whether removing every blood vessel from your body dramatically reduced your chances of dying of a blood clog. In the end, everybody just got so upset with the state of things, that the entire game was just packed up – of course, Christian and I wasted no time in pulling out of the race un-defeated, thus declaring ourselves the winners of the round.

After a heated, drunken, undecided game of Trivial Pursuit, most of the girls started feeling a little tired and so pretty unanimously decided to catch a ride home with Tine’s boyfriend. Tina, on the other hand was about as fired up as Christian and I, so the three of us decided to stay behind and have a few more beers (having run out of wine at this time) and talk some more. This, in many ways, turned out to be a good – albeit intoxicating – idea. We ended up staying up till around 5 AM, looking at photos from Christian’s trip to the US a month or so ago (good idea), discussing politics (not so good of an idea), and trying to build a pyramid out of empty beer cans (also not quite so good of an idea, at least not when it ended up falling over).

Things eventually grew so incoherent that Christian and I decided that we’d probably better head on home, and so we staggered on talking about this and that, eventually parting ways and leaving me to fend for my own the rest of the way home.. How exactly that went, I’ve no idea, but I know for sure that I made it home at around 6 AM and managed to not wake up Zascha who was sleeping on the couch. Rather surprisingly, I did, however, manage to wake up Louise who was sleeping on the other end of town because I thought it fitting to send her a text message along the lines of “HI! IT’S 6 AM! YOU’re PReTTY ! AND IM DRUNKED!” (Yea, sorry about that one, babe 😉 ). Anyways, she didn’t seem too upset and probably got her revenge a few hours later when she volunteered to provide a 11:30 AM wake-up call for yours truly who had to get up and see his guest off before heading out to watch the football game of the day.


2 responses to “Extended weekend, part 2

  1. Hov, du glemte at nævne at jeg legede cowboyder for dig 😉 Jiiiha!!! Kunne egentlig godt tænke mig billederne tæhæ….

  2. Hov, gjorde jeg sguda også.. Var lidt en travl weekend 😉 Yes, jeg er ved at bombardere Facebook med billeder anyways, så skal nok lige finde dem frem til dig.. Hehe.

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