Extended weekend, part 3

“Are you drunk?!” were some of the first words out of Zascha’s mouth when I stumbled out of bed following a much too short night’s (morning’s?) worth of sleep. My sleek smile and incoherent reply of “Heh!” probably more or less said it all.. Anyways, I managed to cook up breakfast, consume it, shower and look somewhat normal and earthbound by the time her parents arrived to pick her up.. I even managed to carry on a short conversation with her mother who seemed happy that, unlike the last time they picked Zascha up, I’d managed to clean up and do the dishes.. I’m not sure whether I neglected to mention that, unlike last time they picked her up, I hadn’t thrown a party the night before.

As Zascha left with her parents, I struck up a deal with Louise to go down to Domhuset to have a few beers before the great match of the day, a tradition that many of us uni folks (or ex-uni folks for that matter) have come to greatly appreciate. Surprisingly, that day not a lot of people had made the trip, so Louise and I were pretty much on our own beside the company of my old friend Ricki and some of his buddies.. But who cares, there were beers to be had, so Louise and I started by making our way to the bar where the bartender without much fuzz concluded that since the lady ordered drinks along side me, I was naturally gonna pay for her round as well.. Pfft, what’s up with that? She must not’ve known me very well.. Or maybe she did and knew I might’ve done just that, but she could’ve at least told me she was charging Louise’s beer to my card as to curb the confusion and my loud out-cry of “Why the fuck am I paying DKK 40 for a beer?” answered by a mild “I just assumed you were gonna be a gentleman.” .. Ahem, anyways, yes, we got our beers and decided Louise would just buy a round later.. Way to ruin that one.

After two pints which for Louise apparently served as breakfast, we went on down to the stadium to sit in the pouring rain and watch one of the most disastrous football matches I’ve ever witnessed. Or well, we started out trying to get some food and a few beers, a scheme which was complicated by the rain that started dripping on us as we’d made it half way back to the stands.. Blah! The fact that the beers I’d so heroically secured for Louise and I tasted like ass sure didn’t help make things much better.. And the fact that the game ended 0 – 4 in favor of the visitors on such stupid accounts as our goalie diving over the fucking ball and other shitty mistakes sure didn’t help.. What a sham! In the end, we actually considered walking out, but settled for just booing our own boys when the match came to an end.

So not much fun there.. What was fun, though, was the post match beers back at Domhuset where we not only had the pleasure of getting pleasantly wasted on free shots and beers from some poor guy who was apparently trying to impress Louise.. All while her head was perched on my shoulder and her arm around my waist and mine around her’s.. Which I found a bit too odd, but thanks for the drinks none the less! In general, I must say Louise and I had a pretty good time confusing the hell out of people that afternoon. The reaction of our table when we told them that we weren’t dating will probably go down in history as downright priceless, ranging from Dennis falling off his chair, Mikael losing his capability of speech and Martin Huss just looking utterly dumbfounded, wanting no part of the discussion and consequently denying having ever had any thoughts on the subject.. Of course, I can see how our behavior that day of sitting close and nuzzling each other may have added to the confusion.. Even for the manager who kept selling me cheap beers, possibly thinking he was doing me a favor by helping me hook up with the hot chick.. Thanks, though, Frank!

After possibly one too many beers, Louise and I decided to up the ante just a little bit by going out to dinner together which probably didn’t make matters less confusing, especially not since we were nicely boozed up by the time we found a place.. And were carrying a pink toy horse (aka Starfucker-Pferd, one of our mascots in KFC Support) which pretty quickly caught the eye of one of the younger dinner guests who were all but thrilled when I let her play with it while Louise and I waited to be seated. Oh, and dinner was awesome. Good food, plenty of it, nice, tall, frosty beer, good company and a good lengthy talk, followed by me accidentallly stumbling into the ladies’ room in an attempt to visit the rest rooms and both of us then stumbling out the door.. Where we pretty soon ran into Louise’s friend Gita who also seemed more than a little confused about our behavior of stumbling around arm in arm with a pink toy horse at 10 PM on a Sunday evening.. Well, that’s just one more person confused, I guess.. Its all in good fun.

Louise and I eventually parted ways downtown and I went home to lie on the couch and watch some TV for a while, a plan I didn’t really succeed in because apparently, one too many pints leave you a bit drowsy. So after waking up utterly confused on the couch at around 1:30 AM, I decided to just call it quits and head to bed for a proper night’s sleep.. Something I hadn’t gotten in ages.. And not the worst idea I’ve ever had, I dare say.. After such a busy a busy weekend, sleep sure was a welcome relief at the time.


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