Lazy working days

Y’know, seeing that I’m heading back to school in a little over a week, it’s probably not a good thing that I seem to be getting lazier by the hour these days. It would appear that all I’ve really done these past few days is sleeping in, chilling and going to work. Of course, the whole sleeping in part can probably be explained by the whole not sleeping alone anymore factor, but the chilling and working parts are just ridiculous.

I seem to get nothing done and when I do, it involves going to work and moaning and griping about it.. But eh, that’s how I roll these days, I guess. Work really has been a drag what with people being on vacation and shit fucking up constantly. As a result we’re horribly understaffed and still have nothing to do – meaning that I’ve gotten to spend much of my working nights just standing around, maybe being lucky enough to text back and forth with people at times. Sure, one shouldn’t complain too much about making DKK 165 an hour for just standing around, but really, it gets quite boring at around the three hour mark.

What? I really haven’t been doing anything else? Well, I’ve been hanging out with Louise of course, I’ve also watched TV on the couch.. the olympics even.. Men’s 50 km power walk even.. Which would go to show just how bored I’ve been at times and how little I’ve had to do.. Okay, I’m kidding here, actually we only watched parts of the power walking because there was nothing else on and people look fucking ridiculous while power walking.

Friday, I went on down to Dunkel’s after work to hang with Dunkel, Einar, Iben, Svart and Louise. It was all pretty good fun, except when I arrived Dunkel was falling asleep in his seat and Iben and Svart were ever so mildly fuct, drawing on eachother with various writing utensils, yelling about football and generally not making too much sense. I tried waking Dunkel up with a group chug, but it didn’t quite work according to plan and ended up making him even more sleepy. Instead, I then tried to engage in conversation with people while downing a few drinks. This worked a little better until Svart reached a point where he started just crying out about Feta cheese and how his father never withdrew money from the bank on Fridays.. Umm, yea.. Luckily it didn’t take long for him to progress into unintelligible noises before just going to sleep.. Which pretty much spelled the end of the party because by then both Dunkel and Svart were sleeping and Einar was sitting around with an empty beer case on his head, singing songs of God knows what in his native language.. On top of that, Iben was leaving and Louise had to get up early the next morning so we thought it better to just call it a night.. Which we then did.

I ended up parting ways with the others at around 2:30 AM, then went home for a goodnight drink and some geeking about on the web.. This somehow kept me up till around 5 AM where I finally crashed for about five hours of sleep before being rudely woken by a colleague who wanted to switch shifts with me next week.. Boo to you, good sir! As for getting less lazy, it hasn’t happened yet today (Saturday).. Well, I’ve done some laundry if that counts. Right now, I’m just chilling on the couch, getting ready to go out tonight. Apparently I’m invited to some party and I reckon I’d better go check it out, because it’d be somewhat of a shame not to have a few beers tonight, no?


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