Back To School

School started yesterday.. It’s an ambivalent feeling of sorts. On one hand, it was nice to get back in somewhat of a daily rhythm.. Not that I haven’t been enjoying myself lately, but just goofing off day after day gets a little unconstructive in the long run. On the other hand, school is friggin’ demanding at times and I so wasn’t used to spending five hours just sitting still, listening and trying to soak things up. Especially not with this general lack of attention paid to such simple concepts as breaks between lessons.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad. Our first course of the day, intro to programming, seemed even easier than I’d expected and I don’t reckon it’s gonna bring me a load of troubles. The second course of the day, the semantic web and agent technologies, seemed a bit harder to swallow. Evidently, it deals with ways of coding semantic information into present day webpages, thus making them understandable, and more importantly indexable, for machines as well as humans.. At least that’s what I got from listening to three hours of our Italian instructor signore Corridini attempting to explain the low-down in his own amusing manner, featuring break-offs of musings about the Danish language, tales from 14th century Germany and anecdotes about days of the information society long gone by.. For some reason I really like this guy, maybe because he, too, has long hair and seems about as confused and unstructured in his rants as myself 😉

Following five hours of lectures, some preparation for things to come on Wednesday and some research, I was pretty much beat and about to call it quits for the day, on top of things, I was coming down with something that resembled the start of a nasty fall cold which had to be warded off using such methods of plenty of covering up, staying warm and consuming large amounts of tea, a product I quickly ran out of because, well, tea really isn’t my cup of.. Well, you know.. But as per arrangement with well-meaning souls I’ve taken to drinking to drinking it whenever I feel sickies.. Luckily, Louise was there to help me by providing some vanilla spice blend that I’d have to admit was actually pretty good.. There, I never thought I’d hear myself say that about tea ever again.

Around the end of the night, I also managed to get stressed out a fair bit as I started receiving some rather worried messages from Tina who is spending this semester on her own way off in the other side of the country, doing an internship for a major Danish resort.. Which is all good, and an awesome chance for her.. But apparently being on her own isn’t always too easy, as could be expected, especially not when things go bump in the night.. So I had to go through the rather unpleasant experience of trying to soothe her while not actually being physically there.. An experience I’d like to think went rather well as she did manage to fall asleep.. After apparently choosing to thank me by sending Louise a picture of her boyfriend wearing a pink skirt.. Well, thanks a lot! 😛

In the end, I passed out on my couch and slept for a few hours, before suddenly waking up and going to bed with a stuffy nose which bothered me for a good hour before I finally went back to sleep and slept through the night until 10:30 AM this morning where I woke up all confused, most symptoms of my cold gone, but with an aching back to boot.. I don’t know why my body is giving me so much trouble lately, but I’m not enjoying it one bit. Needless to say, I’ve been spending the day so far stretched out, popping pain killers and trying to recover. I’ve got a rather important, and evidently lengthy, meeting regarding the future of the Student House at 2:30 that I’m so not up for right now.. But what’s a boy to do? I’ll pull through.


2 responses to “Back To School

  1. The second course of the day, the semantic web and agent technologies, seemed a bit harder to swallow.

    Ooh! SemWeb stuff! You just poke me anytime if you feel like discussing anything related to this. =)

  2. On the odd chance that I’m not all semanticized out following the weekly lectures, I will. 😉 I’m still considering basing my master’s thesis on semantic web technologies.

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