Say what?

First off, it’s been bestowed upon me to make a small note about my latest post: I would like to state for the record that the chili pods that Louise asked about were of the same size, regardless of color. While I didn’t think there’d be any, this should put to rest any doubts that I was making fun of the poor girl and her knowledge about plants 😉

Secondly, the University of Southern Denmark can be a confusing institution at times.. Especially the planning department seems a bit out there at times. See, I went to school all happy-like at 9:15 this morning – or as happy as anyone can be about 9 AM classes after barely six hours of sleep anyways – thinking that I was in for a pretty easy day of three hours worth of Web Communication classes. It pretty quickly turned out that I was in for four hours, not three, and that on top of that, I’d gotten a little more than I’d bargained for.. As it turned out, the rather small looking subject scheduled for four hours a week every Friday has morphed into a full-blown assault as it turns out it’ll be more like seven hours each Friday for the next few weeks, and on top of that, a largeish exam project featuring a subsequent oral examination this winter. Wow, imagine that. It’s gonna be an interesting ride, though, that’s for sure.. 😉


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