Applied communication?

As a student of communication, I’m often amused, baffled or even appalled by the way that others communicate.. But not usually to an extend as I was by the way my dear mother chose to leak a bit of information to me the other day.

I received a message from her on my voice mail saying “Hey, it’s mom, call me back, there’s something I need to tell you, it’s nothing major or bad, just gimme a call, okay?” So, I call her back, she picks up and the first words out of her mouth are “So, yeah, Magda’s dead” – nothing major or bad, huh? I mean, come on, mother!

Magda is.. err.. was.. a lovely, old woman who worked as a maid for my grandparents ages and ages ago, she was my nanny when I was but a little Johan and my father’s nanny before that. She eventually became a good friend of the family. It doesn’t hugely upset me that she’s died peacefully after 94 good years, rather I’m happy she had a dignified end to such a long and good life.. Actually, gives me hope after losing many family members under pretty horrible circumstances.. But my mother’s way of conveying the message was a class study in insensitivity and failing in assessing the situation. So much that it nearly made me laugh out loud despite of the context.

I thank her for informing me, though, my father’s branch of the family hasn’t bothered.. Hmm..


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