What, you wanted real updates?

Well, my bad.. I realize it’s been a bit in the making but quite frankly, me detailing the last week would take me probably another week or so, and about as long for you, dear reader, to read through. So, let’s try a new experiment and see if I can sum up last week in about as much space as it usually takes me cover a single day? This should be fun:

After a surprising win for Denmark against Spain Portugal in Wednesday’s (September 10) football World Cup qualifying game and a subsequent victory blast at the Uboat which landed us home at around 6 AM after an involuntary layover at the local ER, most of Thursday was spent sleeping in and doing as little as possible save watching TV and reading.

A good portion of Friday was spent at school taking Web Communication classes (which we’ve of course come to enjoy doing from 9 AM – 4 PM). I then had a beer with Christian, Louise, Lea and Michael at the Uboat before heading down to Dunkel’s to have dinner with Penny and him.. An event that quite quickly got quite ugly when we were joined by Kent and one of his metalhead friends for drinks and shots. I vaguely remember being back at the Uboat at some point, for about an hour before calling it quits and heading home.

Saturday was my mom’s birthday so I kicked off the day shopping for a present for her. I then joined Penny and Louise at the English pub for a few pints and the Manchester game. Here we spent a good deal of time being taunted by a British solo cover artist (who played good shit, but kinda sucked) and various Liverpool Supporters. At around 5-ish, I jumped on my bike, zoomed off to mom’s and cooked her a birthday dinner of tenderloin steaks and other fancy stuff, stayed for a few hours before she had to go to bed, then went down to Dunkel’s to watch a movie before heading back home for bed.. And by bed, I mean sitting up till 3:30 AM, listening to Led Zeppelin.

I spent A LOT of Sunday on a bus since a few people had managed to drag me along to Kolding FC’s away game against Næstved which just happens to be located in the other end of the country. The game was quite fun and our little group, all 30 strong, clearly overpowered the 1,400 local supporters.. Much to their dismay! On the ride home, Penny, Louise, Champ and I accidentally dived a little too deep into the bus’ beer supply and by the time we hit home, we decided that the only reasonable thing to do was to head down to Domhuset for a goodnight beer.. Which turned into a raging inferno of free booze provided by the manager, Frank, and friendly regulars.

..Which left me a little worse for wear by the time I showed up for my 10 PM classes on Monday. But, being the fighter I am, I pulled through all of them before heading home to rest my weary body.

On Tuesday, i got to dress up all fancy-like as I had to attend a meeting with representatives from the municipality, local businesses and educational institutions regarding them possibly providing the pay for the up and coming general manager of the Student House (aka my successor, man I wish I’d thought about taking payment for that job). It all went reasonably well, I think (and pray) and I got to create a lot fuzz afterwards, walking around donning my suit, visiting first Louise to return a belt of her’s that I’d apparently ended up taking home with me Sunday night (?!), then Dunkel’s to return a Wii game I’d borrowed ages and ages ago, and, finally, the local supermarket where I shopped for dinner which I took home and consumed before collapsing on the couch and spending the night watching TV.

Which leaves us at today, Wednesday, I guess, where I pulled one of those days, I’d promised myself I’d steer clear of this semester: Getting up at 9 AM, starting on my school work, taking care of some Student House issues, then heading down to uni for some late afternoon classes, back home for more school work and then off to work at 7 PM where I stayed till midnight before biking home after a 13 hour day.. Which is a bit of an improvement over some of the day’s of last semester, I guess.. But still.. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go curl up on the couch, watch some Letterman and die a little..

See, there we go, an entire week in under 800 words.. Piece of cake! After all, nothing major happened, right? Err..


2 responses to “What, you wanted real updates?

  1. Okay seriously, I know you don’t know much about footballl but SPAIN??!! It was Portugal dude! And since we actually won you should know this stuff…

  2. What.. Yea.. Portugal.. That’s what I said.. Bah, one of those countries..

    Seriously, that’s the second time I get those mixed up..

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